Friday, October 24, 2008

Making Pancakes, enjoying the sun...

Im sorry to say to all my northern hemisphere bloggy friends that the sun hads definately come over to this side of the world. Yes Summer seems to be entrenched in springtime hawkes Bay-or at least our girls seem to think so!! Gorgeous hubby spent the weekend cleaning, draining, painting and filling the post earthquake cracks then refilling it again. Cold but clear the girls were in their togs quicker than a cat up a tree and in and swimming.

Every since Jamies Ministry of Food programme the girls and I have been enjoying lots and lots of pancakes. It has got to the stage where they completely make these themselves, everything from turning on (and off) the switches, mixing the batter, measuring , cracking eggs..absolutely everything, while I sew happily waiting for pancakes whipped cream and ice cream to be served. Bliss!!

I have been busy sewing blocks for dissapearing nine patch quilt and today I went to the quilt show (much joy). There was some gorgeous civil war blue and red fabric at half price (1/2 metre minimum cut) and I clutched it o my chest, but what with the queue, the heat, the children (im hungry, I want to go home, Mum Dad will tell you off etc etc) I was forced to down fabric and leave. But the show is open til Monday so I live in hope!! I forgot my camera which no half good quilting blogger should ever do so i have no glorius prints, but as usual I was gobsmacked. Also I love the little notes on them telling of their history. There was a gorgeous scrap quilt called a mile a minute and I quickly pegged that in my brain as the next scrap quilt project. Infact it was instant love. Anyway I got home and looked up for a tutorial and sure enough found this here at the Quilting is my passion blog. The one I saw today had probably five blocks across by ten down and was interspersed bysashings. It looked glorious. I WISH I had a photo!!
Okay so its late and its muggy tonight and I really must go and put the girls to bed, have a shower and attempt to have an early night. But I want because I am down to the binding on the Keep Christmas in your heart panel and then its done. Yea!!
Have a warm night
Love Cherry


QuiltedSimple said...

That's great if your girls can cook for you - they look like they are having such fun!

Hopefully you'll get back to buy that fabric - if it's on sale - go for it!


Leanne said...

Thanks for link to Quilting is my Passion. WOW I spent my morning computer time reading. I like the way she does her crumbs very much!!!

Good on the girls for cooking - they look like they are really enjoying themselves. - Bacon, banana & maple syrup is a yummy topping too.

We have had rain, rain, rain here - so I was what swimming??? We would love a swimming pool. But beach not far from us.

Love Leanne

Karen said...

I love pancakes! :)

It's time for me to go to bed and now I want pancakes. Can I wait until morning, or will I stop in the kitchen on my way to the bedroom? Hmmm....