Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my keyboard is new..

And its about time..it took the loss of w x c and s and a major internet meltdown by Georgia when she could'nt get her password to write on a moshi monsters site, thus crippling her ability to watch animated creatures making strange sounds, to get me into town and buy a new keyboard. After struggling with my sticky failing old one the comparison is heaven..now if I can just remember to push spell check before I publish this post....
I have finally fulfilled my promise to the girls to take horse riding lessons. Expensive, hobby but I must admit that once there and riding around I was swallowed up in the horse world of my youth and could have cried with joy at the sight of these to riding around merrily. it was always my pregnant ambition that my children would ride but it just seemed so expensive and impossible not living in the country, however the riding school is the answer for now. The lesson involves all manner of horsemanship and riding and takes a little over two hours. They go once a week on Wednesday and being after school and deeply into this freezing winter we have now it is pitch black when they finish. They.Love.It!!

Elsewhere in the house we have pulled down Alexs s wallpaper and have skimmed and sanded to (most likely) wallpaper. In the meantime Alex lives with this sight. Even the drapped top of her quilt adds little to the gloom. I finished the backing tonight and will buy some wadding tomorrow then I can finally begin to quilt this. I have sewn little embroidered butterflies (alex has always a thing for butterflies) in random parts on the sashing.

I am enjoying the Christmas mystery quilt challenge each month. I bought (naughty!!) these fabrics from a quilt shop (as opposed to Spotlight..) and love the look of quality fabrics that I love in their fat quarter form..thus the photo.

And then, on Saturday GHIU and I were watching tv (extreme makeover) and just seconds before the big reveal where we see what a new jaw, new lenses and a haircut can do, there was an almighty bang outside and the power went off. I sudenly feared the children had been electrocuted and fled down the stairs only to be meet by there startled faces looking out at the transformer across the road that had blown up!!! Well the Police and the firemen arrived being partial to men in uniform (obviously!) I thought I would do a bit of rubber necking. However proving that the apple hadnt fallen far from the maternal tree these two had viewing down to a fine art! I HAD to get a pic!
Im looking forward to quilting tomorrow. Tonight will be the first time I dont really have a project to work on while watching Outrageous fortune. Hmmm Perhaps a continuation of my ongoing hexagon quilt. A tradition flower garden using every different type of material I have used and only using one twice which in the olden days was a party trick to find the two identical pieces. Actually Ive decided that when this quilt is done I will sewn identical patches around the border to give it some uniformity. Im not sure how many years this quilt will take.. but I need to do something tonight, my fingers are already getting itchy.
happy quilting and Stay warm!!
Love Cherry