Saturday, April 26, 2008


Every year since Georgia was five she has taken part in a musical stage performance with various companies. This year was a superb rendition of Rumplestiltskin in which Georgia played a spider, villager, courtier and agnome! A lot of back stage wardrobe changes. I was doing wardrobe this time. I love the theatre asnd love that my two girls are so into it. Alexandra takes part as the backstage help and will be in a production where she can show off her dancing flair.
As I watch all the teenagers takingpart in this show and seeing all their talent and committment and sucess I realise what good role models they are for my children in so far as teenage behaviour is modelled. Here are some poctures from the show:(seven shows two full houses and the rest nearly full!)

Also I have been going through an apron making stage. Ive made two frothy frilly jobs, this is the one that I will be collecting my future chooks eggs in...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Harvesting the goodies

Although I love and celebrate each and every day and season, this particular time of the year is special. As the days darken earlier and the clock goes back and things seem to become a bit dull outside, the harvest is in full swing. Orchards are busy with apples, tomatoes and corn abound and my kitchen is full of the tools of preserving.

Today friends of ours moved and in amidst the moving we managed to pick several kilos of feijoas. I love preserving these, although most people freeze the insides or stew them and freeze them. But Im always aware of things like the power going off and losing all frozen goods! It always makes me feel okay about the incoming reession while I am bottling, kind of like stocking up the cupboard for tougher times I guess. (This being the case we will be living on peaches, tomato relish and sauce and feijoa

So although the pool cover is on and the mornings are quite chilly, my pantry becomes full with all the goodies from our harvest.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Quilt(tops) so far in 2008

Help! I need some wadding and some backing and some time...
The first quilt is a scrap quilt of friendship stars a lot of which i started while camping in the Christmas holidays. It was the first quilt Id ever had to put down due to fading light!
The second quilt is a halloween quilt I have JUST finished it last night. It took three times to sew unpick sew and unpick again the bottom panel. And the third quilt is the first one that i will quilt. It is Georgias sampler quilt and she desparately needs it for the upcoming winter. (Which with todays humidity and the surrounding drought seems so far off..)
This could just be the year of the quilt tops as I have just started another one..