Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cant blog...too hot

So Ive been slack...but today!! was a STINKER!!!! It was so incredibly hot by early in the morning and had reached the 40 mark by lunch. The new said it was 33(!) . ANd I didnt even get in the pool. I just wanted to crawl under a tree with my favourite magazine "Grass roots" (its a self sufficency mag) AND LAY LOW. also Yesterday we all went to Splash planet.. our local water world and I got sunburnt. Apparently 40 years of burn and peel has taught me nothing. i didnt put lotion on for the first hour (forgot) and then I think the damage had been done by the time I did remember. So today the thought of burning while in the glare of the pool was too much. Of course naturally brown Hubby and kids had no such qworries. I will say thought that if these temperature continue I am taking my girls out of School early on and they can come home and stay in the pool. It might not be the done thing but I think if its too hot then its too hot. And my girls will not suffer with this heat. SO there!
Its quite late at night and I have just given my dog a gallop around the park that is behind our property. He has a swim in the pond and is nice and cool for the night. Also hes got the park to himself when dark:) (The park is twenty acres long by the way)
Its still sweltering. I was upstairs doing my piecing on my scrappy windmill quilt and began to feel quite yuk. So if you dont hear from me its because the heat has really got to me and Im sick. Cooking today blueberry muffins , chocolate cake and biscuits didnt help BUT School is on Monday and I am woefully under organised, have little food that I know the girls will eat and pay day isnt til Wednesday and ..err...financially we are a bit..well..broke!!!!
Hope you have a comfortable nights sleep wherever you dwell.I wish we had another fan...Oh well at least the girls have one each!
happy night

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ive been in the garden

The front of the garden to be precise. Its been very hot, very dry and the front of the garden has been full of weeds and in much need of water. So I set to and discovered in our compost heap a nice pumkin (I think its a grey pumpkin). Thats whats so great abouit a compost heap all these surprises arising. Normally I may replant them but mostly just pull them out but this pumpkin can grow out quite nicely without doing any harm.

And then i remembered my Roma tomatoes which at the last look (embarressingly long ago) were bare. But now they have gorgeous shaped tomatoes. Just perfect for my sundried tomatoes. This
lovely kiwi blogger had a great recipe for drying and preserving sundried tomatoes and I was inspoired to grow these Romas after reading of it. But I wonder if it was on her old blog? Oh well Ill have to do my homework after this. Her blog is great though for simple living (my favourite kind of living)

So I was madly watering and suddenly all these cute little praying mantis insects arise from my lavender crop. They were everywhere. Then I got a bit worried as they are fantastic garde friends as they eat the predators. Unfortunately they also eat each one school Mum discovered when she found two mantis , put them in a jar for show and tell at School and couldnt work out how one of them had escaped by the next morning. (I broke the bad news!). So I semi sprayed water over them when they got to close trying to scatter them apart from each other (there were babies and they would be gone in one quick killer grip) . After a while I left them to it but I hate to be the bringer of tragedy in the garden.

And these are coming together so quickly. Ive even started to soley handstitch them infront of TV at night as they just grow and grow with alacrity. Very exciting.

So sad this end of the country. A family friend was murdered. I have known many to die youing..but never a murder. It has sent my hairs up on end reading the details in the paper. He broke up a fight outside a country pub. Someone either stabbed him in the car or drove him offf the road and stabbed him there. Last year his father died suddenly, the year before his brother was killed in quad bike accident coming into the farm off the road and just prior his dear Aunty died after a long illness. It just seems quite unbelievable. and I remember this farming family well and feel so sad.
Sadly yours

Heard from my babes mouths..

Georgia has her friend mary over and her, mary and Alex are happily (mostly) swimming around and dive bombing the pool. I was sitting by the pool sewing (naturally) when I got the giggles listening to the conversation ensue:
G: Lets pretend we are sisters.
Alex: I want o be the baby Waaaa!!
Mary: I want to be the older sister.
G: No I want to be the older saister!
A: Waaaa!
G: So Im the oldest sister. Right?
Pregnant pause
A" Waaaaaaa
M: Okay lets be twins.

G: Yes..but Ill be the older twin
M: Awww Cant I be the oldest twin
A: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa
G: Ummmm Okay
M: Yah thanks Georgia SO Im the oldest twin?
G: Yeah..but I be the twin that acts the oldest.

Honestly when you take the time to slow down and listen to your children it does surely bring a grin to the face.
In our group of friends we are all wishing we were younger than we are. I wonder when this happened!

Here is a fantastic blog that embraces simple living off the grid and living co operatively with the Amish. I am hooked. Due to dial up connection here, it takes forever to see all the posts so I have only scratched the surface of this blog. I was so impressed with the Amish way of ALWAYS helping their friends, even when visiting and NEVER leaving their friends out on a limb, practically and financially. If you love simple living or need inspiration to contuinue simple living in this crazy fast world we live, grab and coffeee and read. Naturally I got this site from Rhonda at down to earth. I read everything she recommends!!
Simple living everyone
Love Cherry

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another scrappy finish

At this rate it wont take me long to use up my scraps.....actually the bags and boxes and containers full of scraps seems higher than ever!!

This was a Cheri saffrioti Christmas wall hanging that a friend did. I had some of the templates and

used a photo as a guide for the rest..which explains why bits are a bit wonky! Overall though Im pleased with it. I was waiting to finish it so that I could put the last of the decorations and this hanging in a box and away until next Christmas. And I have done that so Christmas.Is.Over!

Im enjoying doing my scrappy windmill quilt. Its good to trim down some bits and watch more scraps disappear. And its nice to remember the quilts and wall hangings and projects the fabrics originally went into.

Weather is still throwing out hot hot days and the girls are either swimming in the pool or playing a Bratz playstation game which as far as I can tell involves, dressing the Bratz at the mall and meeting up for smoothies!

Have a happy sunny day


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Windmill block?

Yah!! I finally managed how to this block!! The internet for once has been very unhelpful and I found only one listing under Windmill block (without instructions thou) SO Kristy gave me a clue as to how she had done hers and with a bit of trimming here and there I managed to through one out. I love this block so much for my quilt scraps year and I bought some tan homespun to tie it all in with . My hubby laughs when I go on about scraps as he said how can they be scraps when Ive paid for the material originally. He definately doesnt "get" quilting!! Although he does know that quilting seams are quarter inch (knowledge by wifely osmosis)

I havent blogged for a few days but its been very quiet here. Just sun and swimming and wishing we were back in Mahia with Moko.

Happy quilting


Friday, January 16, 2009

Summer corn

Just before we went to Mahia we bought a whole lot of corn, blanched and froze it. Alex especially enjoyed this. The next lot I want to blanch and cut the kernals off . I find it so satisfying to ferret away these supplies for winter. oh and its pretty tasty eating it off the cob with dripping butter now too!!


Alex swims with Moko

Dad and Alex and moko enjoy the calm sea.

Georgia and Moko.

Moko loves to play with balls and boogie boards...but good luck getting them back!!

Just returned from three glorious days swimming with Moko. We touched him, rubbed his belly, dived underneath him and just spent three days swimming with him. A pregnant lady joined us today and Moko completely stuck to her side like glus making endearing little beep beep noises. Amazing. had we not run out of money I could easily have stayed more days. I hope hes there next year so we can do the whole experience again. The girls grandfather lived in opononi in the 50s and as a child he swum with opo the dolphin so it was great that the girls got to repeat is experience. You can read more about Moko here. All in all it is something that I never thought Id have the experience of and I hope that Moko lives a long and happy life in Mahia so others can experience him as well.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Off to find Moko..

TOmorrow morning we are driving to Mahia up the East Coast in search of some camping and swimming with Moko the Dolphin. My husband came back from a job he had on there and was talking about the Dolphin swimming around the boat and playing with the, Which prompted this trip. The girls are sooooooo excited and I ll let you know how it all went when we return
Happy holidays

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The third and (last) stocking

Here it is. This stocking is to represent Denzie..our very fat black cat who has an enormous personality and despite her weight can jump two

stories up from our deck to the neighbours (faraway) shed with ease.(although we are sure she must leave a dent in the neighbours roof).. I REALLY hope that one day soon I wont be able to comment on neighbouring sheds because theyll be faraway over several paddocks..sigh..

This is definitely the last stocking..Ive had enough. Although I could probably still so a Christmas wall hanging..the Christmas creative urge is just clinging in there still, but stockings _I'm so over!!

It was an absolute oven outside today. And then on the news all they could harp on about was how hot Christchurch was-in the 40s apparently while we in sunny Hawkes Bay clocked up a measly 28 degrees..everybody here was in shock. Now I don't want to offend any one in Christchurch but it was so hot here that it was easily the hottest or equal to the hottest day so far. Infact we went o town briefly and went to Ruse Munroes for an icecream and it melted during the handover phase!! I swear its true!! Now its 11 at night and its still sweltering. Oh and if you are wondering it was easily in the thirties today -easily!!

Ive got a great book from the library today on living off the grid and Im enjoying reading through it. Some guy in England travelled the country talking to off griders. Some are just hippies with no sort of lifestyle Id want and some are people who live the life I want. Anyway its interesting and in places inspiring. I also got a book on raising chickens. Also eagerly looking forward to reading this. I will probably read it while awake tonight until it cools down (if it cools down!!)

have a (cool) evening

Love Cherry

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One more stash finish

Tonight as I start my third and(last) stocking

I find I am sick.of.stockings. The one to the left I finished last night. Then today I went and bought a whole overpriced metre of vislieofix to finish the other I am now on. How ridiculous is that. I needed anout a tenth of that. It the recession , Im looking at recipes for pigeon pies and I cant afford to do this!! Its the year of the slashing of the stash. Oh well, lesson learned (i suppose).

After the third cat is completed I am going to get back to my flyfoot quilt and begin blocks for a scrappy windmill quilt. I do have to buy some homespun for this but it is a necessary evil. Gorgeous hubby did give me avoucher for Spotlight but Im going to spend it when the girls go back to school and I have a few hours in which to browse once there is a decent sale.

Monday, January 5, 2009

MY very first finish for the year!!

Following on from my Christmas mood and creative Christmas urges and inspired by other crafty bloggers I have finished my first stash thing..this Christmas stocking inspired by Cheri Staffiote.

I used every last thing from my (immense) stash and I plan to make another two cat inspired ones for our cat community here in this home. I do have to buy some viselofix but other than that it will be stash all the way ..yah!!

Gorgeuos hubby and I are tired. We stayed up to watch Sweeney todd..Very bloody and unexpectedly tragic story. Also got a shock when I relised that Georgia sings one of these songs (not to worry) as part of her singing reportoire. We let her watch that particular singing part but shielded her from the rest (Youll know why if you ever see it!!)

I discovered this blog and have enjoyed a good read. I love the fact that she lives in the house on the farm that her grandfather built. I grew up on my Grandfathers farm and loved it. That land is spiritual to me. Then in 1987 our family tragically lost it in unforseen horrible circumstances. When I pass that farm now I feel a profound feeling of loss and nostalgia and feel quite sick that other people are there. Since my Dad passed in 2005 the feeling for that land has intensified. SO while reading the passion and the heart that this blog writer has for her farm I do feel very empathetic . I hope though that our new land when we get there will elecit the same sort of blog from me, that of more self sufficiency and good homesteading.

Its such a hot day today, no where but the pool is agreeable...then the weather review gives some modest temperature that is no where near the truth. Id say it was easily in the thirties today.

Happy sewing


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Starwberry Jam anyone?

One hour spent picking strawberries...Yum the fattest juiciest ones didnt make it to the pan..

Then I spent what has seemed like ALL day in the kitchen. But its worth it for all this harvest of sweet strawberry Jam.

Strawberrily Yours

Friday, January 2, 2009

Love those decs still..

Im quite sad at the thought of putting down this Christmas tree this year although i have vowed that it will stay up til the 12th night.

Heres a blurry photo of my chosen new dec..a Pukeko. I love them although I just learnt that they hunt down and kill baby ducklings :(

And here is a decoration given to Georgia when in one of her musicals this last year.

Oh here is the mostly comlpeted Christmas tree just needs a ribbon and a bell..

One of a few decs bought after Christmas for half price at Farmers..

And here is what inspired this posting tonight (apart from the fact that at elevan oclock at night it is still too hot too sleep!!) lovely tree. Im still lighting it up at night and the smell of pine though quite faint is still there. Its not so brown it looks awful and I think Ill be very sad on the 5th to pull it down. I feel so Christmasy still at night as it is on.
Happy humid night to you all..
Love Cherry

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lazy summer days..

Ive finished one of my two patchwork trees for next years Christmas (i do this chrissy crafting every xmas!!) This photo isnt very good but you get the idea! I also added little christmas buttons to complete the look. The next tree I am doing is the same in that it has triangles but they are held together by a bit of stitching and bells leaving a gap between each triangle..well Ill post when finished. Ive found a lovely quilt over on Cowgirl quilters site.
(she has many glorious quilts I want : ) ) But this is a windmill pattern and will be gorgeous done with my 2009 scrap quilt challenge I have raved on about for a while now. I just need to find some measurements on the web. (Im hopeless at figuring these things out for myself i have discalculia!)
I have bought a whole lot of reproduction prints from a trader on Trade me and I am excited by this find as I may almost have enough for the nine patch quilt I will be making with this year.
Days are soooooooo hot. Just boiling. Hubby and kids spend time in the pool but I always seem to have other things Iwant to do more urgently. I should give up the rush and just enjoy the water I guess.
Alex has lost her third tooth. The new one is already through. She has inherited a genetic disorder which causes her enamel to come off..we are so keen to see if her new teeth have this as it may be just on her babies..Georgias teeth came out from age four regularly and easily..Alexs are so slow to come out..Plus some of her babies didnt come through for instance the canine teeth came through where the next front teeth should be. So when she announces she has a wriggly tooth I get very excited!! Maybe this is why the tooth fairy gave her $4.00 this time (well it was Christmas)

And this is going to the beach recently the girls love it when the top of the jeep comes off. Georgia was grumpy about something in this photo..she soon cheered up when we hit the beach.

We all spent New Years eve at our friends 20 acre block in the country. They are from Yorkshire originally and by their own admisssion are very supersitious. SO their tree doesnt come down til the 12th day etc. (I like this one!). But the one Id never heard was that after the old year had passed a dark haired man has to be the first person over the threshold to their house! We all left the house. celebrated the new year outside and then gorgeous hubby (who was the only dark haired man) opened the door and walked in, thereby leaving the path open for the rest of us to saftely follow!
I hope you are all looking foward to the new year as much as I.
Love Cherry