Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another scrappy finish

At this rate it wont take me long to use up my scraps.....actually the bags and boxes and containers full of scraps seems higher than ever!!

This was a Cheri saffrioti Christmas wall hanging that a friend did. I had some of the templates and

used a photo as a guide for the rest..which explains why bits are a bit wonky! Overall though Im pleased with it. I was waiting to finish it so that I could put the last of the decorations and this hanging in a box and away until next Christmas. And I have done that so Christmas.Is.Over!

Im enjoying doing my scrappy windmill quilt. Its good to trim down some bits and watch more scraps disappear. And its nice to remember the quilts and wall hangings and projects the fabrics originally went into.

Weather is still throwing out hot hot days and the girls are either swimming in the pool or playing a Bratz playstation game which as far as I can tell involves, dressing the Bratz at the mall and meeting up for smoothies!

Have a happy sunny day



QuiltedSimple said...

Very cute. You are on a roll. And send some of your heat my way please - it's in the 20's (farenheit) today - UGH.

Amy said...

Good on you for tackling that scrap bag. The quilt is lovely.

Threeundertwo said...

Congratulations on your finish! I love Christmas quilts. I invite you to come link up to my "Finished for Friday" post.

Lisa said...

Hi there,thanks for leaving your lovely comment on my blog.Nice to meet you and I will certainly be popping in to see what you have been creating this year...Lisa