Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One more stash finish

Tonight as I start my third and(last) stocking

I find I am sick.of.stockings. The one to the left I finished last night. Then today I went and bought a whole overpriced metre of vislieofix to finish the other I am now on. How ridiculous is that. I needed anout a tenth of that. It the recession , Im looking at recipes for pigeon pies and I cant afford to do this!! Its the year of the slashing of the stash. Oh well, lesson learned (i suppose).

After the third cat is completed I am going to get back to my flyfoot quilt and begin blocks for a scrappy windmill quilt. I do have to buy some homespun for this but it is a necessary evil. Gorgeous hubby did give me avoucher for Spotlight but Im going to spend it when the girls go back to school and I have a few hours in which to browse once there is a decent sale.


Kristie said...

Lovely stocking! You do such a great job on them.

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the stocking! Looks wonderful.