Friday, January 16, 2009


Alex swims with Moko

Dad and Alex and moko enjoy the calm sea.

Georgia and Moko.

Moko loves to play with balls and boogie boards...but good luck getting them back!!

Just returned from three glorious days swimming with Moko. We touched him, rubbed his belly, dived underneath him and just spent three days swimming with him. A pregnant lady joined us today and Moko completely stuck to her side like glus making endearing little beep beep noises. Amazing. had we not run out of money I could easily have stayed more days. I hope hes there next year so we can do the whole experience again. The girls grandfather lived in opononi in the 50s and as a child he swum with opo the dolphin so it was great that the girls got to repeat is experience. You can read more about Moko here. All in all it is something that I never thought Id have the experience of and I hope that Moko lives a long and happy life in Mahia so others can experience him as well.

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QuiltedSimple said...

How much fun! I want to be there - it's minus 11 farenheit right now....