Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cant blog...too hot

So Ive been slack...but today!! was a STINKER!!!! It was so incredibly hot by early in the morning and had reached the 40 mark by lunch. The new said it was 33(!) . ANd I didnt even get in the pool. I just wanted to crawl under a tree with my favourite magazine "Grass roots" (its a self sufficency mag) AND LAY LOW. also Yesterday we all went to Splash planet.. our local water world and I got sunburnt. Apparently 40 years of burn and peel has taught me nothing. i didnt put lotion on for the first hour (forgot) and then I think the damage had been done by the time I did remember. So today the thought of burning while in the glare of the pool was too much. Of course naturally brown Hubby and kids had no such qworries. I will say thought that if these temperature continue I am taking my girls out of School early on and they can come home and stay in the pool. It might not be the done thing but I think if its too hot then its too hot. And my girls will not suffer with this heat. SO there!
Its quite late at night and I have just given my dog a gallop around the park that is behind our property. He has a swim in the pond and is nice and cool for the night. Also hes got the park to himself when dark:) (The park is twenty acres long by the way)
Its still sweltering. I was upstairs doing my piecing on my scrappy windmill quilt and began to feel quite yuk. So if you dont hear from me its because the heat has really got to me and Im sick. Cooking today blueberry muffins , chocolate cake and biscuits didnt help BUT School is on Monday and I am woefully under organised, have little food that I know the girls will eat and pay day isnt til Wednesday and ..err...financially we are a bit..well..broke!!!!
Hope you have a comfortable nights sleep wherever you dwell.I wish we had another fan...Oh well at least the girls have one each!
happy night


Kristie said...

I'm sure it is so hot but sounds like you had a nice time with your doggie in the park! :) Stay cool!

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh that sounds hot! I'll trade you some of your hot for our cold and 18" of snow! hehe. Stay cool!

Cindy said...

It's funny to see garden stuff and hear about it being too hot! We have, like way too much snow here and it has been 10 degrees F or less! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too.
I used to scrapbook. Have tons of stuff to do it. Now just need time! LOL