Sunday, February 1, 2009

Schools back!!

Im going to miss my babies in the day time!! Today feels very lonely and oddd after six weeks of noise, laughter, screeching, wet bodies (and towells everywhere!) and of course sisterly arguements. These are photos that show up on the camera when the girls get hold of it. Even photos in the local bakery!

(even brown skinned girls get tan lines in this heat)
So I found this recipe on a browse and I can confirm it really is the best choccy chip recipe on earth!! Find it here, and while yoiu are at it check out her journal which she got from Eyes of wonder site. Such a neat idea and one I may try.

As this blog is supposed to be about my simple and getting even more simpler life I felt i should post a picture of butter wrappers.I save these and keep them in my fridge then use them as baking paper. This hint came from my Aunt in her eighties and was always done when she was a child. I have found this very useful actually. I love reading books and garnishing ideas from elderly people on how they survived during the depression years and after. The stories I heard..I cant beleive there are people comparing this recession to that depression...but then Ive been assurred we havent touched rock bottom yet in this financial squimish.
Well its official...the heat here in hawkes bay has broken all sorts of records. Im glad they mentioned this on tv as I rant and rave about the heat. It was so hot, humid and uncomfortable yesterday and the native grasses in out park around the pond went up in smoke!! Exciting for the kids with the firemen around.! Plus all our automated flysprays are empty and the flys are overtaking us.!! Aah well such is summer in Hawkes bay!
Have a great day


QuiltedSimple said...

I love the pics of your girls - they look like they are having such fun! I hope your heat wave breaks soon!

QuiltedSimple said...

I'm back and I am in DESPERATE need of suggestions - I have a question up on my blog about things to buy in Austrailia - my grandmother is going on a cruise/tour for a month and she asked for a shopping list. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for your help!

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