Saturday, February 21, 2009

civil reproduction here I come!!

And so as I wind my weary way down the road to finishing off my wallhanging and knowing I still have to sew a sleeve on the back and determined to finish this project this time....I have suddenly pulled out the saved repo fabrics and although I have not got enough to finish I really want to start the quilt above found in a American quilt magazine (im sorry but is there any better type of quite mag than one form The USA?!..but so hard/expensive to come back in the back of beyond of NZ). Anyway the repo quilt above is a lap quilt and after doing two lap quilts I actually like to do bigger ones nowadays, so even allowing my quilt measurement dyslexia I think that I can expand this one without too much problem!
And also above is some of the fabrics collected and yes I know that a lot arnt the true repo deal but again this is NZ and I have to find just the closet thing possible...but some of them are the real deal mind you.
The Pantry is filling...I love the late summer with its big preserving pot digging its way out from under my oven onto the cook top and with something animal vegetable or fruity bubbling away on top. This is the first time Ive made pasta sauce and it didnt reduce in the 3 hours that I thought it would, I think I had it too low and I had no choice but to preserve it as I had to pick up the girls from School and drive to singing lessons. I have found another recipe and I am keen to try this as well...I can buy 5kgs of tommmies for five dollars at present and I have everything else on hand. Oh and one of the pasta jars didnt seal properly so I tried it over a packet of 2 minute noodles (such an extravagant life we live when the gorgeous hubby in uniform (the GHIU) is away..) and it tasted nice. So there you go . SUCCESS!!!!
Im so missing the GHIU and he is due back tomorrow after a week away in Tauranga and then ihave him back for a whole night before he takes off again for another week...Oh well at least "Coastwatch" is on tommorrow night and he occassionally is filmed for this so I might see in person then! I remember once he was away on a big job and we were all missing him but then he headlined the evening news The job he was on, not him personally!! But it was nice following him round on TV the girls are always thrilled when he gets on tv..he is less so!)
So I leave now to have a husbandless tea of vegemite and toast (The girls just want eggs) but it humid and so a big tea would always be a big push.
Happy quilting to you all amid the humidity and the late still blue skies,
Love Cherry


Amy said...

I'm looking for a bottled pasta sauce recipe at the moment. We have far too many tomatoes to deal with. Could you possibly send a copy my way?

Kristie said...

Sure looks like you have been busy filling the cupboards!

Love the repro fabrics! Civil War Reproductions are my FAVORITE! Can't wait to see your quilt!

QuiltedSimple said...

You've been busy while hubby has been away. And I love the quilt AND the fabrics - I cannot wait to see it finished!

joolzmac said...

Hi Cherry

I read in a previous post that you are interested in food, recipes etc from the depression years. Go to tania's blog and you can view videos of 91 year old Clara who shows us how to cook tasty (?) depression meals. You probably won't want to cook any of them but this old bird is just fantastic.

You'll like Tania's blog too.

Cheers - Joolz

Ngaire said...

Cherry, I have some quilting magazines and wondered if you'd like them. Michelle got them when she worked in a bookstore so they have no front covers. Do you still have same phone number? I love reading what you're doing, it's great.