Sunday, March 1, 2009

Things that make me Happy..

Things that make me happy:

Alex doing her homework and reading so well now...despite severe dylexia.

Patricia Cornwell latest book "Scarpetta" I had to stay up until the wee hours to finish this one...

And using my old repo fabric in my repo quilt. Actually it was quite heartbreaking to take the fabric out of the brown wrapping so I took a photo.. Now of course I wish Id bought bolts of the stuff while it was in front of my nose ..Anyone reading this live in KeriKeri?!
I had a good talk to the ladies at the Quitling shop in the country that I haunt here
and she was saying that the USA is quite a way ahead of us in quilting trends (No..!!) and that we were just getting on the repo bandwagon and could expect the shelves to fill up with repo fabrics soon (Yah!!). In the meantime I was getting a bit sick of sewing little two and a half nine patch and four patch squares and so I bought some repo fabric in red for the setting rectangles. Ill have to post a photo. The original stated pink but I have used red and hope it works!!
Im off to School camp for threee days with Georgia ..Ive always wanted to be Camp MUM!! We are going not too far, just to Cape Kidnappers to study the Gannet colony , the stars and the river life. I am DREADING climbing the Cape. I may have to bring my lumber arthritis/hip pain/ archilles heel injury into play when infact I will be stopping simply because I will be STUFFED!!!
I expect to come back sleep deprived and needing several days off.
Keep happy , campers
Love Cherry
PS Hello Ngaire!!! Glad to hear you in the comments. I would love the mags!!! Yes we are at the same phone number...awaiting that big change when the country beckons finally. Youll have to fill up your blog with your life. Its so great to catch up via the blogging world!!! Hope yoiu are all well, and Im glad you read my blog!!


QuiltedSimple said...

That fabric looks yummy and congrats to your daughter on her achievements!

Leanne said...

Well done Alex!
One thing we got for James is books on tape via national library via print disability. His vocab is excellent & I contribute this to the audio books.

I too am liking repo fabric!

Love Leanne