Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stash Busting? Nah ah

So, There I was in the city of napier..I was picking these sheepskins up. Arnt they beautiful? They have the stench of betrayal tho. GHIU slaughtered them for friends and I decided to have the skins tanned. These ram lambs were not pets..well they werent meant to be, but they did walk themselves to the woolshed to their slaughter and they did have names. Big mama is the topskin and ELvis is the bottom...I felt quite awful,and lamb deaths although quick and humane seem very long and drawn out to me.Gurgling, kicking for AGES etc. I mean there are dead already but the body is stillkicking away. And Im not well right now, quiet chesty and no voice (Hurray says GHIU!) and so the peaches that I bought yesterday I thought I would put off til tomorrow, but then I did them. Why did I do them?

This is why. This is yesterdays guilty product. Two one metre lengths of colourful fabric from Spotlight. Because with the fabric I used on the drawstring bags I thought I had heaps left over and together with these two fabrics they would make a lovely bright pinwheels quilt pulled together with a -as yet unbought- light spotted pink or white fabric. Alex has a quilt that is A seasame street one and I think its time she had a bright girly one.
Then today after picking up the skins and being too early to meet GHIU for smoko(,morning teaspeak in Kiwi).. I walked into the local quilt shop. I have been following this
mystery quilt but didnt have appropriate fabrics other than the odd bit, so I splashed out on these..

Then on the way home I pulled in to this shop in Taradale because they have cheap older mags. But I found this new Fons and porter mag. 16.80$ in cost. Flicking thru I found this pattern. I.Love.it. In my copuntry house. I could actually see it on the wall! But the cost! I put the mag down,then up, then down, then up..the shop lady began to give me THE LOOK.. I backed away. FOr that cost I could buy fabrics. But what. I couldnt find anything repo, spots for my pinwheel quilt..no Ill get sheaper stuff from Spotlight for them,besides I cant do that until Ive done the repo top at least, and finished quilting the victorian quilt. SO back I went to this mag. And I only picked it u;p twice more before ruswhing to the counter. Its the recession I cant afford this!! SO I rung up GHIU and confessed...he never believes I pay 2.00$ per old mag from here anyway.. and then I headed to the kitchen toclean and bottle.With my Ipod on I gor past the sick feeling and whizzed around and if I did feela bit yuk then it was only penance for my sins!

Im going to collect fabric for this quilt.... I CANT buy anymore now can I!
Happy sewing in the early Autumn sunshine


Lisa said...

Hi Cherry, I love this quilt. It gorgeous and I love the colours.Im looking forward to seeing the finished articule... :-) Lisa

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the quilt in the mag - it will be beautiful! You got some great fabrics there - can't wait to see the finished products

Leanne said...

I've completed part one of the mystery quilt - how are you going with yours?

Love Leanne