Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Autumn ramblings

Can I just say that this morning it has been a pleasure to hang out the clothes on the line in the bright Autumnal sunshine. It is at this precise time of year that I begin to appreciate and indeed remember just how cold winter is. The mornings are mornings of stinging feet and rushes to the cold bathroom, of children reluctant to leave their cosy beds yet still dressing in shorts and shaking off their jandals at the school gate... Last night I stayed up late to watch an intriguing yet weird movie "Deja Vue" and by the time I crept into bed my feet were frozen rocks. I tried to warm them upon the GHiu but he was having none of it and booted my feet across to my side. I kept doing it but then he employed the pressure point to the small of my back (its a self defense move) and that kept me away permantly. I can no bug him when pain is involved!! It took hours to warm up my toes, infact Im sure they were still frozen when I woke up in the early hours. It was while slowly freezing last night that I wondered how long the frugal me could avoid lighting the fire and using the dryer. Its easy to think as summer cools down to be fooled into thinking that with an extra layer of clothes some slippers and a quilt or two we could avoid heating,thus saving us money/the environment etc, but last night I realised that as always that is an impossible plan.
The pool has turned sea green and the garden has gone mad. Sadly my watermelons never reached any kind of maturation and have died off and my chillies and peppers are making a late run of it. The roma tomatoes are blooming as tomatoes do and are gorgeous lightly fried and on toast. I cant preserve these are they are low acid, but they are so cute and tasty and great growers I will be saving their seeds. (when I remember..) This quilt is finished. I am not even a bit happy with it. There were mistakes upon mistakes, but I have no time to make another. I will be hiding it under the other glorious quilts at the shop and had a thought that I should offer to sew all the labels on the quilts going to Victoria thus enjoying other peoples sumptious quilts and doing something further to help.

And this is my finished efforts at this mystery quilt. Of course I did it completetly wrong. First I didnt cut enough then I kept sewing them together wrong,then I sewed all of these twelve blocked together..more unpicking..I wonder what it is in me that I cant understand basic instructions?I am definately a visual learning person. I wonder if it has any thing to do with my possibly having discalculia??
Anyway of all things I look forward to in April: singing comps, SInbad the musical, GHIU birthday, easter and eggs and eggs and eggs, I now have a new one..the next instalment of this quilt. Im really enjoying a mystery quilt, especially as its Christmas and that I have a month to do each block (And I need it!)
Happy Autumnal quilting to you all
Love a slightly frosty Cherrry


Ngaire said...

Well done Cherry, I'm sure the quilt will be appreciated. I know what you mean about cold feet...lol. It is certainly chillier at night now. I am attempting to make some hot cross buns, first time.
Not sure if you got my message about the 18th, but yes we will be over there and love to go to the show. Do you still use the email address I have from way back?

Kristie said...

Very nice quilt! I really like them.

Helen said...

Hi Cherry

I found your blog via the comment you left on Susan Claire's mystery quilt post. I like the quilt you have made. It looks all cosy folded up like that. I hope you have a better time with the second installment of Susan's mystery quilt.