Sunday, March 15, 2009

Its Autumn!!

This is a lovely old photo of my Dads that I took in my possession when he died. It was on his farm where he duckshot every since he was a boy til a year before he passed. I had it on my screen saver for a while as I felt close to him. The GHIU pointed out some truly startling things in this photo. Can you see may have to enlarge the photo. This photo then scared me for a while but now it no longer does. Although I would love to know more. Every now and then the lake produces human bones..early Maori bones, it was close to the place where Maori wars took place and their are Maori feeding pits around the hill (Where the ewes have their lambs now safe from wind and where growing up my Dad took close views of the horizon for incoming Japanese planes in WW2. I found them great horsejumping ditches myself!!

Autumn is here..peaches in the pantry.
Swimming Sports.

Well its cold enough to be so anyway. I can hardly believe that not so long ago we were absoulutelu sweltering and now just like that oine good southerly seems to have bought Autumn and the promise of cold Winter. Actually after reading the American blogs Ive been expecting a cold winter. As in every Autumn I ve been doing some peaches and this year some fruit salad preserves too. Peaches though Have been expensive and Im having to wait until the GHIU payday to do anymore! Still the pantry is looking brighter for the few I have done. I was reading a really good (they are all really good but this was REALLY good..) post over at Rhondas site. She talks about survivng the hard times and has said that in times of great financial depression the best commoidty is life skills. So true. She had some great ideas on there, some of which I am doing (more hand washing clothes). Im lucky to enjoy donmestic skills and as you know crave more and more self sufficiency, and the GHIU is an excellant hunter gatherer and general farm man with out a farm. In short he could do anything, He the one every fights over to be a diving buddy and hes the one who gets the phone calls to kill sheep, goats,chooks etc. Very handy!!
Twyford School had their swimming sports,as usual far toolate in the season in the freezing cold pools. The JUniors were cancelled, but Georgia swamlike a Champion winning the girls freestyle, 2nd in the team relay and 3rd in the Breastroke. It was so cold and there were many many shivering bodies afterward. Strangly thought when A free swim was called for after the events, everyone forgot about the cold and was using the high dive board and pool to have some datring dives. Georgia too...Youd never get me up there..
I am making progress on my Victorian Fire Survivors quilt. I cannot find my thimble tho and my thumb is lloking worse for wear and im sure all quilters know the pain of continually having a eye needleend stuck in the thumb! Nuf said..
Its quite sad to look out at our recently unused pool collecting debris on the bottom. The GHIU is planning on covering it up for winter soon. Sigh.
Have a happy quilty day

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Lovely photo - and I can't see a thing! hehe. Have an enjoyable day!