Monday, February 28, 2011

Scrapping and watching for news

What an incredible seven days it has been..Since the Christchurch earthquake i have been glued to the screen watching the sort of bleak and catastrophic images normally coming from countries a long way away. Although I always thought a earthquake of this magnitude would happen (and i always thought it would be in our particular part of the shaky isle), I guess I never thought the devastation witnessed would happen again (And by again I mean the napier earthquake in 1931). After the big earthquake which bought sown uildings and stopped the city in Septemer, not one person was killed, And so I think I followed that even in big earthquakes we were somehow charmed that death would not follow these natural disasters. How wrong i was. I am weighing up a few options (apart from donating money thats a no brainer) on how best to help. When the Australian bushfires came, our local quilting shop put the call out and we all sent quilts for the victims. id like to do that again. i have about four or five quilt tops needing to be quilted. Or I could make a toy for children, or donate goods. So many things to consider.

In amonst this I have been doing a little scrapping..I took a rest for a couple of days. Tomorrow night I go to my scrapbooking class. where we are shown and provided with the tools for a gorgeous layout. Tomorrow is a lack and white layout that I peeked at briefly. Ive a feeling it would look good with one of Mums earlier glamourous photos. It is good to scrap her like this when the reality of her life now is so very very different, and Im talking of coursr, about the curse of Altzeimers. When i look at her back then i can almost forget the now..almost.

So these camping layouts are Three Bugs in a Rug that i have been contemplating for a few weeks sincve I bought the matching papers. I really enjoy puttin whimsical pictures together and have done that with this one..

And i still have a sizeable amount of scraps left....which is just as well as I have MANY photos of camping left to scrap,!!!

Another one I put together. I mounted the butterflies (from kaiser paper) on foam tape to 3 D them. Im actually quite pleased with this one, sometimes doing this sort of scrapping can look disastrous...

Using kaiser le Chateau paper again and the chandeliar embellishment I scrapped the long ago wedding photos....

And I was pleased to use up scraps and leftovers from previous classes at scrapbooking days. The forever came from  a big canvas we did a few weeks back and reported on in this blog...somewhere... I stole the two birds idea but the templates were from that class too...yeha for leftovers!

And so Ill leave you tonight. Once again it is late and I have work tomorrow and looking after five year olds and their demands is no fun when You are tired!!
Love to you

Monday, February 21, 2011

and still she scraps...

I seem to be in a perpetual motion of paper and glue lately..and loving it. I thinkk giving myself permission to give up quilting has given me the freedom to scrap and only scrap. I went into Spotlight TWICE today!!! And I am so naughty to spend this money really BUT....
So these two layouts are from the airy fairy collection from kaiser. Spotlight has opened up a new really big range of kaiser collections and last week they were on sale..alas not this week. I have some lovely papers to play with.  Tomorrow both girls are going to camp until Friday. I plan to get some serious uninteruppted scrapping done!!! I would rather be at camp with them but so many parents volunteer that they drew from hats. Still i am going to the School swimming sports in the morning then driving them to camp then a hike....they will all be exhausted!!

I was once again reminded of the reason I scrap when i received a visit from some friends I havent seen in a while.

They had news that a fellow friend and old co worker of GHIU had died very sudddenly after feeliong ill for a few days. A young fifty and a cheerful lovely person who was just a little joy to be around I eralised once again the fraility of life.  Its so important for me to capture what life is all about. That our moments are so special and to capture them in memory ifeels to me as if I am capturing the very sustance of our lives.

Happy scrapping
Love Cherry

Sunday, February 20, 2011

my wedding layouts

..and its only taken elevan years to get these photos scrapped!! Actually they were ina tatty old album and its kind of neat to get them back in order and remember the day.  Both these pages i didnt actually scrap lift...a miracle!! I am over handstitching on pages for a while thou..way too many finger pricks and I do that enough quilting let alone doing it for scrapping.
have a happy week people!
love Cherryxx

Friday, February 18, 2011

Scrapping and running out of ideas....

Two more los tonight..Im on fire. This one was put together with scraps including some free magazine paper..I tried ti get it to pull together..Im known for getting VERY lost when not dealing with matching papers. I think it worked? I hope it worked........

These papers were part of my shopping binge at Hsrub today. I bought them because I had bought three of the same(by accident) papers from the sale stock!!! Not much of a sale when i went back and bought another three to finish a lo. But hopefully I have enough to make another layout.
For all the magazines and internet hopping I do i am stuck now. I cant seem to pull things together unless i have papers of the same type embellishments etc. When i do try to put things from different designers together it often ends in tears!!1
its very late and GHIU is away so Im taking advantage hogging the computer til the early hours!!1 have to sleep now though because my two girls will not afford me the freedom to comfortably sleep in in the morning!!
Im thinking i may do some wedding photos tomorrow. I bought a pack of black and white romaantic papers from the warehouse and they are now calling to me! I also spent money today buying sets of camping papers for a trip yet to be scrapped two years ago. But i still need to find a sketch or layout to copy. having bought these papers im a bit stumped. perhaps I just need to go sleep.
Isnt it strange when the man of the house is away, the sounds you suddenly seem to hear all night from utside. Ive already called the dog around to make sure hes on guard tonight! What a woss!!

happy scrapping
love Cherryxx

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A scrapping frenzy!

Well nor exactly a frenzy but certainly my fingers have been itching to do some pages. Now i have cleared away the hobby room,craft area,  tiny corner of the lunge of detritis to do with sewing, quilting,stuffing, wadding, scraps and magazines, I have lots some room to produce some layouts, or as I just discovered the shorthand for- los- I really want to empty a thick old falling apart album with about a couple of hundred of mostly georgias first and second year photos and I got rid of three of them last night! The first I made all pink and actually used some older embellishments that have been gathering dust down the bottom of my scrapbooking drawers plastic ripped box that holds my supplies. And the paper which was a mark down YEARs ago at hasRubs store. I then made a flower and stamped the leaves that i am ridiculously pleased with....

See here..its all in the details. I often wonder if in years to come if all these trendy and much loved at the moment embellishments will be laughed at like old fashion? but for now..i love it..

Then while putting the page away i discovered this page that I recently redid of Alexs first day at twyford. The first lo was horrid and I had cut out the figures so was limited in my new lo, but i love these whimsical pages that other people do and copied bits and pieces for this. Ive still got another (inside the classroom) to do. Same thing thought Id be artsy at the time cut out the figures and now have to come up with an inside environment..brain is always ticking overtime on that one.. (any ideas appreciated). Anyway loved the details on this one. Stunned myself that it actually came out ok!!!!!

See what i mean...madly bowled over by whimsical stuff like this!

And then my last lo. This was free pages that came with a scrapbook magazine and I cropped and I used my loved white pen, and some chipbord from Christmas that says peace..because i didnt have enough letters to go with "Sleep' or ":Dream"!!! Im kinda happy with this one, didnt really go the way i had planned thanks to some over zealous paper cutting earlier on in the journey and in mod podging (I LOVE Mod Podge) the back and the front of the chipboard the H got a bit grubby errrrrrrr. But its in, its finished.Next!!
I went to my favourite scrapping store today and bought up 50.00 worth of stuff (i had that much of my Chrissie pressent voucher left). I now have some lovvely paper and blank chipboard letters, stickers and pens. I CANT WAIT!
I have to go now. my chooks are out in the tomato garden and id like to think they are only eating the bugs and not the radich, carrots, silverbeet babies hiding under the tom plants. Speaking of toms we have a bumper season. Heaps of Romas drying in the oven for sundried toms in oil, and tons of heritage and cherries and these i will be making relish with. probably when both my babies go to camp next week.
Happy scrapping and tomoato picking
Love Cherryxx

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Almost wordless Wednesday Scrapping over the Xmas break

 These packs were reduced to a couple of  dollars at the end of December!!!
And these papers were $1.00 per pack!!!

These were free in a magazine...

 As were these, and I did the "JOY" myself..sometimes i scare myself with my abillity to actually do something right!!!
Lovely papers from hastings rubber stamps.

Mmore gorgeous papers..... they were marked down to a couple of dollars per pack.

Happy scrapping
Love Cherry xx

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My new piano seat.

Well not a "new" seat actually but one thats been around since my childhood. I have had it for a few years now and have been planning to tapestry the seat, then cross stitch, then put upholstery fabric, but THEN I stumbled across this 
 website and saw that Cherry Menlove had patchworked hers. I had NEVER thought to do that but hers looked so lovley I quickly followed suite. Im really pleased with the way it has turned out. It really looks fresh now and i like the pinks. I had thought to do the whole Menlove treatment and paint it white, but the mahogony still looks quite good and with the baby grand in dark wood it may have looked to out there.So I left it.
Thanks Cherry!!