Friday, February 18, 2011

Scrapping and running out of ideas....

Two more los tonight..Im on fire. This one was put together with scraps including some free magazine paper..I tried ti get it to pull together..Im known for getting VERY lost when not dealing with matching papers. I think it worked? I hope it worked........

These papers were part of my shopping binge at Hsrub today. I bought them because I had bought three of the same(by accident) papers from the sale stock!!! Not much of a sale when i went back and bought another three to finish a lo. But hopefully I have enough to make another layout.
For all the magazines and internet hopping I do i am stuck now. I cant seem to pull things together unless i have papers of the same type embellishments etc. When i do try to put things from different designers together it often ends in tears!!1
its very late and GHIU is away so Im taking advantage hogging the computer til the early hours!!1 have to sleep now though because my two girls will not afford me the freedom to comfortably sleep in in the morning!!
Im thinking i may do some wedding photos tomorrow. I bought a pack of black and white romaantic papers from the warehouse and they are now calling to me! I also spent money today buying sets of camping papers for a trip yet to be scrapped two years ago. But i still need to find a sketch or layout to copy. having bought these papers im a bit stumped. perhaps I just need to go sleep.
Isnt it strange when the man of the house is away, the sounds you suddenly seem to hear all night from utside. Ive already called the dog around to make sure hes on guard tonight! What a woss!!

happy scrapping
love Cherryxx

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