Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project life

I thought I should show you that i do do other things..other than scrapbook!!!! Its just that scrapbooking has been my addiction of late. UT before I talk of other things I am desparately trying to get hold of Becky Higgins Scrapbooking project life kits..anyone know where to get them in NZ??? A few years back I had a chance to buy one ut as I was still only dabbling in scrapbooking (fabric having taken over my life) I dint by one. NOW my local shop or any shop around here doesnt have them.... Has anyone else been invilved in them...I have beenn looking on You tube and Im afraid that i may just have become obsessed....again....
With the Project life I could happily scrap delightful but everyday photos such as this one of Alex ...And a million more I take and dont want to keep in the packet or put in a doozy old album (please Im trying to get everything into scrapbooks OUT of those old photo albums)
 So to other happenings on the "farm"...investing in these gorgeous days of Autumn we have been planting out the garden for  Winter. Lots of brassicas, spinach and cabbage butterflies too. Still no sprays here and so we have lots of predatory insect swatrming too..its all good. In the second raised bed I have plante3d onion seeds( Which are up hurray!) and silverbeet..actually there is plenty of beet around growing for the chooks..just not that big yet. I am looking forward to putting in my garlic again and also broad beans. This is a picture of the first vegetable garden. You can see the brassicas doing their thing. I will be planting a lot more for winter yet.

The chooks are laying up a storm we get between five and six eggs most days. I think sad chook is responsile for te monster eggs we get every other day..bless her!! Hokey is very lame but seems healthy and happy in every respect so Im crossing my fingers for her.

We have all been sick, georgia has been having unexplained severe stomach pains and Alex has been under the weather. I had a night full of terrible headaches so its a day of work and school all around!
The weather is beautiful. No photos UT we have had heaps of monarch butterflies from our swan plant. The first lot ate the plant clean seemingly overnight and died. I cant believe I didnt go down to the nurasery and buy another plant??!! But the plant came back to life and now the second lot are preparing to fly off to wherever it is that they fly off to. it is a glorious sight and one I should be photographing for project life..Help someone please!!

Take care and enjoy the changing summer to Autumn  Winter to spring season wherever you find yourself,
Love Cherry

Thursday, March 24, 2011


That title isnt great but its how I fel right now. I should explain that for the last month or so we have been looking at a possible two year tenure on the Chatham islands. we were all excited about it even the children (who would have swelled the school numbers to 38) and were promised skype to keep in touch with their friends. There is not a High School there so really the time is now to take up this opportunity. Anyway its all turned belly up and we are just a bit devastated. The liklihood of eing able to do in wo years time is really highBUT then Georgia will be due to start High School.  I could home school her, but whos to say that she will want to be going there. Anybody who knows me and my ideal of living in an isolated location living off the land will know just how appealing the Chathams was for me. It will take a while to get over ut im goping to have to trust in life the universe or the greater power that all things work out for the better.
Anyway...latest scrapping...
My pages are getting more lumpy bumpy and I will have to buy more ring file type albums. The flowers on this one I learnt to do off the MANY tutorials on youtube, and I love making all these embellishments I am finding on You tube. Its like a mini classroom!!! Off course we are whizzing through the gigbytes too fast and so i have had to put the brakes on!!
So as not to bore non scrapping friends I have included some pictures I took of the girls the other day in the park. The great ginga monster joined us as he often does and I took these pics for a double page layout I will be doing at my favourite hangout at the scrapbook shop on 1st April. Im hoping to put four photos over the two pages. Nothing special but just mygirls as they are today. Growing up , changing every minute and
 becoming wiser every day.
And tonight...da da!!! Our first fire. That wonderful dust burning smell of the first fire. The scary thought we havnet had the chimney cleaned in two seasons, Alex cosing up in one of my quilts, the cats looking very pleased with themselves ready to take over from Alexs position shortly. The fact that the door lock thing still isnt closing prooperly, we didnt get it fixed over summer and the heat therefore goes up the chimney. All these things reminisent of that first fire. And talking of cosy one of the lovliest things I read in blogland recently was on Rhondas down to earth site here about her bed and the making off it. My bed is alwaqys the exact opposite to her explanation but it has been inspiring and I really want o have abed exactly like hers..check out the cosy quilt and the peaceful ambiance..

 Another layout.....
 I may have already blogged about this..have I??? Im such a ditz. Im also in love with butterflies and I found out about making them with stamps and transparency the other day  its on YOutube (where else) and Ive lost the link now, but WOW it looks great. I cant wait to try it. I am however on a scrapbooking financial stop at t he moment and this would entail me to uy transparency, styzon ink and buterfliy stamps.

Ill say adieu now
happy scrapping...
Love Cherry the slightly melancholic scrapper.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Another layout for better scrapbooking

Inspired y better scrapbookings march challenge to use odd pieces or one offs in a layout. I used a lot of recycled (Yes thats right!!) pieces to make this wedding page. Almost everything is recycled including the paper itself!!!! Did I overdo it..probably but I had a lot of tears and creases in the recycled paper to use up. Oh well, at least the the planet is in no further damage from me tonight!
Happy scrapping
love Cherry

Just scrap happy..

Here is the latest LO ive been angsting over. I found these photos popped out into a small album in the back of my closet.I had to temporarily put my dilapilated album to the side to scrap a few of these old photos of ballet photos taken of georgia and Alexandria when they were pre school age. I tried to pull this first of a few LOs  using my inspiration from the most incredible group of romantic fluffy incredibly beautiful scrapping blogs. THISsite is called Such a pretty mess, but it should be called impossibly beautiful.com/ as should her friends!!! I would love to be able to do the odd layout work of art such as hers. Go check it out....especially if you have daughters!!!~ In these beautiful layouts her daughters are always gorgeously attired and look gorgeous. Unfortunately my daughters are always runnimg around carrying dirt and detritis with them, hair in knots and wearing old clothes. And these are the photos I have mostly to scrap with. I have tried to get photos of the girls for layouts such a swould befit and a glorious layout but my girls arnt always obliging....
Anyway back to the LO...I used kaiser pages, butterflies and made my own flowers..
Learnt to make these at Scrapping class using ribbon and contact paper but there are heaps of tutorials on the internet...Im quite pleased with the leaves I came up with...
And one made with organza ribbon in green.
At the moment I am sewing lots of flowers out of lace, calico and ribbon in expectation of the next layout.

At this rate it will take me ages to scrap each page.
Our roadband is at 75% use after only a week!!!!!! This is perhaps from y late night trolling around how to scrapping sites on you tube!!!!! Its like a class a night...fabulous ut I hyave to go slow for a while at this rate!!!  I wonder how many gigaites i should have to ensure fun on you tube and the children fiddling with their games and Justin Bieber takeoffs on You tube....Any ideas...we have 5...

have a great night

Love Cherry

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Love Graphic 45

So first things first. Over at THIS blog Just love Scrappin, are having a huge giveaway.Click on the link to enter!!

Now onto other scrapping news. i went to the cropping night last night and came home with the plans to do this layout. With my gorgeous graphic 45 papers I completed it. I am deciding on a photo for this one. Im hoping someone will give me a copy of eaarly relations to put in it. I have a lovely one from before the first world war of my grandmother at a wedding but it would have to go landscape. i have put the mat on loosley but it doesnt look great that way up. The other thing is getting a copy of my Nanas wedding in 1930 with just her and her husband cropped. We'll see.
Anyway for reasons I wont go into here, I wasnt allowed to do this layout at the night and so flummexed I turned to our lovely tutor. I had nothing to go on no photos with me ut after I (and she) spent time drooling over these Alice in wonderland halloween papers she haad plenty of ideas for me to go with. And this is what i came away with (i put the photos in at home0. because I had a major doopy moment and cut up the wording on the pages i have left a lot of "white space" ut as a arty piece I think it actually works. I LOVE the paper. I love Graphic 45 ut their papers are so glorious i am stumped as to what to do with them!   Im so glad our tuor is Georgina. You should really visit her at hastings Ruber Stamps when she is in. She is a genius!!!
 Isnt it amazing how Autumn came so swiftly. One moment is unbleliveably hot the next the temperatures have droppped alrminglty. Hear hear i say!!!! It was a long summer.
Love Cherry

Friday, March 4, 2011

What a scrapper

Today we finally got broadband via slingshot....what a difference. I never thought in terms of this blog, but uploading it took about two minutes as oppossed to 20 minutes. perhaps Ill blog more!!!!
So Ive been scrapping and reading. I read two moons and despite the fact i am not a teenager I am going to read reaking Dawn next. I looked up the Hastings library catalogue and all the copies were out....the only one available was a large print!!!!! Either no teenager wants to be seen with this version or they havent pegged on to this edition. Im going tomorrow and hopefully it will still be there for me..Uh oh more late nights!!! Actually in the library the twilight books are filed under teenage fiction but in book stores they are in the adult fiction...himmm. Doesnt make me feel so bad now. They are beautifully written and just the nost romantic thing yo could lay your hands on. Well i think so anyway!So onto the scrapping.... This layout was from a previous layout I did when i first started. it was horrible!!!! Unfortunately I had cut out all the figures  and so i had to come up with a whimsical theme. After much in car waiting for the kids sketching on my chequebook I came up with this concept. Its not great but a WORld away from the original.

Then there is this. Ive finally done these pages using the Suar Sugar range from Kaiser.  Ive had them since last year just for this purpose but was stumped as to how to scrap. This top sketch came from a sketch site and Im going toenter it in their competition just becasue.. 
Another wedding layout. So glad to be getting these done. its only elevan years ago.... I borrows an idea from the scrapping class i went to last week. So that made it worth the money.

The kaiser range again...I made a hidden journalling spot...not that its private or anything but I love the idea and I always think my handwriting looks so unproffessional, even when I try to slop it up a bit . The experts look so good somehow at this..I wonder how they do it???   I bought a new printer on Friday..so I will be going back to journalling with the fancy fonts from the computer.

Thats all for now. Its still so muggy here even though it has been raining. The girls are always covered in mossie bites and I bought some special itching cream to solve their woes which took exactly twelve hours to dissappear into the chasms of the house...now we are back to savlon cream and Dads eczema cream. One day im going to find a big hole where all the special creams and poyions and extras i buy have fallen into hours after they have entered the house.

Have a good night
Im loving broadand
Love Cherry