Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome to my Christmas !!

So I thought Id walk you through some of the Christmas decs I have up. I started November 1st..I always think Christmas needs to be drawn out efore the big day. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!
This quilt I finished piecing back in the year. I bought this with a gift voucher from the gorgeous huby in uniform. I pulled it out just a few weeks ago and have been sewing my fingers raw to get it finished. Last night as i was sewing the binding on I found two smaller panels I hadnt stippled. With my wonky leftover cotton, my bleeding fingers and the time restraint I just about went crazy at this discovery!! But earlier today..FINALLY..finished. I had to finish it as every year I make a Chrissy craft especially for that year and put the year on it. So this with Merry Christmas 2010 HAD to go up!!

Rudolph..made from a Handmade magazine. Sitting on the mantle next to Granddads clock..
My fireplace this year. I made all this arrangement and commotted a cardinal sin in that the fireplace is not cleaned out for summer. I hate this only it was clean eforehand then we got a cold spell. Now in order to clean it again all the decs would have to be removed as the ash and dust would contaminate everything..and I do not want to have to take everything down, so this will be done instead sometime in January. ut iot irks me what lays behind this small scene.

Here is last years 2009 craft. I love these. They came cut out and unfinished from a friend. The second one with Joy on them is missing his moustache and looks like an Amish Santa.The first one has 2009 on its base.

I love this prim Santa..well hes as prim as I could get him. The Night before Christmas book is the most beautifully illustrated book..it looks a bit tatty now which years ago I would have hated but now I love the look!!

And that is all for now. On the 27th November our Local Christmas tree farm opened. We got there a couple of hours after it opened and there were heaps of people. Well pick it up in the the next couple of weeks or so.

Alex has had a coughing flu since Thursday and is really miserable. Today the Doc gave her antibiotics but since then she has been vomitting because she is drinking but not eating other than Popsicals. Poor Alex.

It is sweltering here too. It was in the thirties today (in November!!!) So very hot and so very miserable with a sick girl in the house.

Ou new chooks have amalgamated well with the older flock. Only problem is the Hokey. Pokey and Christmas all look identical now. The new chooks just love to sun their wings in the hot sunshine which induces the others to join in. Six chooks all lying around on one side with one wing extended out is too cute for words.  Plus lately we have been feasting on Crayfish and the chooks get a decent feed from this as well. The new girls absolutely fal l upon this meat as if they have been having it all their lives!!! Too funny!

I'll post more Christmas decorating next time...Ive been scrapping too!! Its so hot..if only I could do these crafts in the swimming pool!!

Happy times in the heat
Love Cherry

Saturday, November 20, 2010

chicken news from the urban farm

We had the sad demise of Henrietta the other day, Despite the fact that she had been sick on and off for ages and then this time really waswnt going to pull through and despite the fact that I went around saying:wheres theres livestock theres deadstock and despite nme saying all the right things to the children and thinking of the tiny hen brain contained within I was still very depressed when she died. And of course I was the one that found her..and had to remove her...GHIU buried her though. A very touching funeral service was had around the base of the grapefruit tree and Georgia put a lovely cross of pebbles down afterward. The next day while checking my plants over in that area I inadvertantly stepped on the mound of fresh earth simking my foot into the mound and the cross and ruining the grave site.
So having lost one of our little hens we then went to the egg farm and bought two young pullets. Hokey and pokey..I cant tell them apart really. Anyway we have had them segregated off from the others and all the attendent problems that brings. (a real pain in the  butt frankly). They have been laying gorgeous little deep brown eggs. I would like to have got one older hen but they arnt available until November end. Still the feeling that weve rescued these guys does the  soul a lot of good...as long as I dont think of the other few thousand chooks left.  The oppressed has becomes the oppressor with Sad Chook marching sentry like up and down the fenced partition grabbing mouthfuls of feathers from screeching chickens from time to time. She of all chooks should feel some empathy. Maybe shes just trying to make her mark before she again gets pushed to the bottom of the pecking order y the young ones!!!
Its been great seeing the young hens learning to live in the fresh air and experiencing life as it should be for the first time. They are still quite skittish and I think just realising now (day six) that human equalls food! ut to see them dust bathing in sctasy or fanning their wings out to catch the morning sun is just delightful.
I have no digital camera at present . It is in room 5 at twyford School in georgias desk. SHe and I are both as bad as one another at rememering things and so that camera has been out of my reach to use here for a week now..... I did want to post pictures here. So Ill do it next time.
I have been having a ball scrapbooking and making mini albums as well and lots of Christmas layouts .
My fingers are munted from trying to finish qulting a CHristmas quilt. Im down to stippling the order and then of courser theres the binding. It has been embellished with merry Christmas 2010 so it is imperative that it goes up this Chhristmas!!!!
Hopefully more photos sson.
We are all holding our breath over in this side of the world for our trapped miners. Just awful news so close to Christmas (well anytime actually)

Best wishes Cherry