Monday, May 26, 2008

At last. A finished quilt!!

Georgia snuggled up in her new quilt.

I put puppy dog backing on it and you may notice the wee bee motif I stitched..I try to have the bumble bee as out family motto as it everyday does the impossible when it flies : )

Georgia finally has her quilt. Wadded, bound and backed and very warm(She told me this morning). I was getting a bit sick of it, after handstitching, handquilting, and binding it...this is nothing new Im always glad to get a quilt finished, each part seeming more interesting and then more dragging on than the last part. The thing about quilting the thing in winter is the warmth it gives you draped over your legs as I quilt... Now I am starting to make a few sawtooth stars for my Amercian patriotic quilt and will begin quilting a pastel number I did mostly on the machine and then some hand applique that i plan to go on the couch. (Cover up all the wear holes:) )
I find putting the threee pieces together a real trial and Im not sure, Having only ever been self taught that I am doing this correctly... I keep saying that one day I will join a group but I in part scared they will laugh at my techniques!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crockpot Yoghurt

Blogging is great. I love to read other peoples simple old fashioned ways of living and on one of my much visited homemaking sites I came across this recipe for Crockpot yoghurt. So excited to have another thing to make at home that I would otherwise buy! It make heaps too and I can add any fruit or flavourings I choose.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A change of seasons...

Some of my new stash from Spotlight. Theres more hidden the cupboard!!

Its cold!! This is the view from my window this morning. Winter has hit home with cold frosty mornings and wet icy drizzle. My toes are numb!! Still plenty of justification to curl up with a book/ quilt by the fire...

Washed hair with one desertspoon of baking soad and a cup of warm water. This really works much better than shampoo and my hair looks great for much longer than with shampoo. Who Knew??

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Quilting madly

Im having a kind of quiltathon..Presently I am quilting Georgias quilt top as winter is very much here, then I will follow through and quilt the other three quilt tops. Its nice by the fire at night to do this, while watching tv (or listening) to TV.
I got a bit of money for a small piece I wrote and soI have had a troll through Spotlight to get some wadding. Amazing they had hundreds of quilting material at $2.00 a metre. Ive got several quilt backings worth for probably a few trips worth and spent probably about 100 so thats not really keeping with my frugality motto...but they were such a bargin. Ive been buying them in four and five metere lots, but last night I happened upon >patriotic%20rail%20fence/">this quilt and I just love it. Im in no way an Amercian but I love the Patriotic quilts and this shouldnt be too hard or long to sew. OF COURSE then I had to go into Spotlight and find some appropriate coloured red and blue colours.(Im not sure of the light beige colour yet), so I limited myself to just three meters each. I have more to buy but I thought I could just stockpile it with my others. The stockpile is rapidly growing out of control right now!!
We have been looking at country properties and this has just been burning the passion for a small farm further, although we didnt need any prodding. We have decided to see the bank manager soon, hoping she doesnt laugh us out the door!