Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A sale of sorts

I am currently having a bit of a garage/craft sale of some of my crafts listed here. If you are interested plese let me know. The dolls are $40.00 (NZD) each plus Postage and the ducks are 25.00.

Just a bit on each of the crafts. The Annie dolls are aged and based on a pattern I found a while back but I have pretty much adapted them to my designs. The Amish doll is meant to be a true rendition of the Amish doll with a black bonnet, no face and petticoat and dress in drab colouring (bad photo) The hanging chooks are sold as a pair although one is tea stained and heavily aged with sanding and baking and the other is just tea stained. All dolls are painted with arcylic and then sealed with a sealer. They are all completely hand done by me in front of the fire, no machine work at all!!!! I am currently researching the craft market to find some arena for my crafts, i would really love to sell Prim works so Im just clearing some space so to speak.

Any interest just leave a comment.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sew and Sew

I am in the middle of a creative frenzy this month. I have completed a few projects which may be printed here IF I can get blogger photo to load them.... I am also completing the top to Georgias quilt and have started a quilt for halloween. I love the Prim look and the halloween quilt and Halloween cat that I am sewing are both very prim. People either "get: prim or they dont and most people think they look a bit bizarre.. oh well..

It is sooooo humid here, really nearing unbearable. I so desire a cold climate at this moment! I love looking at all those snowy images from US blogs.

The strawberry season has not been up to much and I am still waiting agood weekend to pick some strawberries in order to make jam. I have run out of strawberry jam (Its everyones favourite) and to my horror have had to (gasp) buy it (dramatic whisper). The apricots suffered this season too and while I managed to procure some samll ones for some apricot j

am I then bought some more expensive ones large and suitable for bottling, over preserved them so instead of cute apricots I have stewed apricots in jars.. I am eagerly awaiting the peach season, over here the peaches to preserve are Golden Queens and not due til late Feb/march..Oh the wait when I am so keen to bottle something - I may have to buy some over priced big plums I saw at the supermarket for 3.00 per kg just to give me something to satisfy the hunting/gathering thing!

Rhonda from this bloghttp://www.down...to...earth.blogspot.com/ tagged me for seven random things. Unfortunately I cant tag seven others yet as my computer is having a major seizure and I cant seem to link press the right click and when I attempt to get it to do something complex it freezes. So I will do it when my computer is fixed . In the meantime three random things about me:

I love the idea of the Prairie life

I realise life back then would completely kill me early

I really want to make some bonnets from the Priairie days and am investigating patterns, these would look grand hanging up on a native rustic coat holder

Part of me thinks I might take to wearing said bonnets around the place

Ive only been quilting seriously for a year

I love the Prim look

and I never knew what the meaning of my life was until I held my first baby and realised it was to be a mother!!

Goodness half way through this post my photos suddenly appeared !!! Yah All are self explanatry except my front door Amercian Annie that designed myself after a pattern I used for something else. I love Annies and she is on the front door in lieu of the usual handmade wreath I seasonally decorate.

There is a sneak peak of Georgias quilt.

I have also made my first ever dog biscuits. Recipe found here:http://www.down...to...earth...blogspot.com/ Our dog loves them and as I had all the ingrediants in my pantry (and thrust me, after Christmas I dont have all that much!) they were very cheap. The frugal life ploughs on. I turn to frugal blogs and Simple savings website to gain ever increasing insite into increasing frugality and gaining lost ground. I have added more blogs to my links. These are either crafty or frugal.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Busy in January

Janurary has been a busy month so far. Right into the School holidays and in the middle of the hottest most humid summer time has been spent a: with the girls in the pool, or B: with a needle and thread.
Fed up with how little I actually made for gifts at Xmas I went and sewed three christmas themed aprons for next Xmas. I also made a reindeer from Homespun magazine and am continuing Georgias quilt, plus a Christmas tree skirt from Bareroots pattern , oh and I did a Halloween cat and pumkin doll - thing- from the November edition of Homespun. I did this because I saw the magazine and I couldnt get this design out of my head so I just had to do it. I will post photos next time.
I have fallen off the frugal wagon over the festive season and now I am desparately trying to get back on! In that vein I have been reading some very inspiring frugal blogs that may inspire you too. Look http://living withoutmoney.blogspot.com/ here and my favourite Rhonda here:http://www.down---to---earth.blogspot.com/ Rhonda at down to earth is doing a great job and has an inherent love of simple things and housekeeping and self sufficiency so of course I visit here blog all the time. At this minute she is encouraging readers to post threee things they can do to improve ona eco friendly basis. Here are mine:
1. Reuse the butter packets by keeping them in the fridge and using them for greaseproof paper for cooking,
2. Making my own and my childrens clothes or buying from an op shop (no packaging)
and 3: turning off ALL the unecessary power.
I am eagerly awaiting the start of PYO strawberries for some Jam. A year ago we opicked heaps of blackberries from the roadside and aonly just now are we using them in smoothies, blackberry fool etc. YUM! The green skins of fallen walnuts have been falling off the walnut trees in our park and we have been collectin natures free bounty as they arrive and are drying them out the front. Lovely neighbours are presenting us with bags of tangerines. Isnt nature grand?!
We have spent another steaming hot day at Splash planet today. I am SHATTERED. Great day with hubby and kids. I couldnt beleive how brave my two girls were with the water slides. Complete daredevils!! How they grow. Last time I ventured near that theme park, Alex was in my belly and Georgia was one year old and paddling in the teeny pool! I would so love to have caught photos of them careening down the slides but cameras and water just dont go together.
Cheers from the ever cheery Cherry