Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A sale of sorts

I am currently having a bit of a garage/craft sale of some of my crafts listed here. If you are interested plese let me know. The dolls are $40.00 (NZD) each plus Postage and the ducks are 25.00.

Just a bit on each of the crafts. The Annie dolls are aged and based on a pattern I found a while back but I have pretty much adapted them to my designs. The Amish doll is meant to be a true rendition of the Amish doll with a black bonnet, no face and petticoat and dress in drab colouring (bad photo) The hanging chooks are sold as a pair although one is tea stained and heavily aged with sanding and baking and the other is just tea stained. All dolls are painted with arcylic and then sealed with a sealer. They are all completely hand done by me in front of the fire, no machine work at all!!!! I am currently researching the craft market to find some arena for my crafts, i would really love to sell Prim works so Im just clearing some space so to speak.

Any interest just leave a comment.

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Belovedgoddess said...

Your dolls look wonderful, I hope you do get some sold. Have you thought of one of the sites such as Etsy?

On another note, regarding the link to Simple Savings, I think you have left the .au off the end. As it stands now it goes to one of those advertising sites.