Monday, January 21, 2008

Sew and Sew

I am in the middle of a creative frenzy this month. I have completed a few projects which may be printed here IF I can get blogger photo to load them.... I am also completing the top to Georgias quilt and have started a quilt for halloween. I love the Prim look and the halloween quilt and Halloween cat that I am sewing are both very prim. People either "get: prim or they dont and most people think they look a bit bizarre.. oh well..

It is sooooo humid here, really nearing unbearable. I so desire a cold climate at this moment! I love looking at all those snowy images from US blogs.

The strawberry season has not been up to much and I am still waiting agood weekend to pick some strawberries in order to make jam. I have run out of strawberry jam (Its everyones favourite) and to my horror have had to (gasp) buy it (dramatic whisper). The apricots suffered this season too and while I managed to procure some samll ones for some apricot j

am I then bought some more expensive ones large and suitable for bottling, over preserved them so instead of cute apricots I have stewed apricots in jars.. I am eagerly awaiting the peach season, over here the peaches to preserve are Golden Queens and not due til late Feb/march..Oh the wait when I am so keen to bottle something - I may have to buy some over priced big plums I saw at the supermarket for 3.00 per kg just to give me something to satisfy the hunting/gathering thing!

Rhonda from this blog tagged me for seven random things. Unfortunately I cant tag seven others yet as my computer is having a major seizure and I cant seem to link press the right click and when I attempt to get it to do something complex it freezes. So I will do it when my computer is fixed . In the meantime three random things about me:

I love the idea of the Prairie life

I realise life back then would completely kill me early

I really want to make some bonnets from the Priairie days and am investigating patterns, these would look grand hanging up on a native rustic coat holder

Part of me thinks I might take to wearing said bonnets around the place

Ive only been quilting seriously for a year

I love the Prim look

and I never knew what the meaning of my life was until I held my first baby and realised it was to be a mother!!

Goodness half way through this post my photos suddenly appeared !!! Yah All are self explanatry except my front door Amercian Annie that designed myself after a pattern I used for something else. I love Annies and she is on the front door in lieu of the usual handmade wreath I seasonally decorate.

There is a sneak peak of Georgias quilt.

I have also made my first ever dog biscuits. Recipe found here: Our dog loves them and as I had all the ingrediants in my pantry (and thrust me, after Christmas I dont have all that much!) they were very cheap. The frugal life ploughs on. I turn to frugal blogs and Simple savings website to gain ever increasing insite into increasing frugality and gaining lost ground. I have added more blogs to my links. These are either crafty or frugal.

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Wildside said...

Hi Cherry! Dropped back by to see your 7 things.

Nice quilt at the top!

And agree with this one you say re: pioneer life of yesteryear --

"I realise life back then would completely kill me early"

Compared to troubles they had to contend with -- we have it so easy today!