Monday, June 27, 2011

Beautiful Bo Bunny

I havent done much of anything since my Mum died.  Ive been sorting out photos and have been given some gorgeous shots from her childhood that I had never seen before. So Ive had quite a few reprints done before giving back the originals. Lately I have felt quite justifies and it certainly has been good for the soul to capture these memories in scrapbooking. i have been quite free and easy with the spending infact! One of the most gorgeous things Ive seen of late is this Bo Bunny mini album. I  have put all the photos in it of Mum and her two next eldest at school age siblings in it and it is by no means finished as althought my local store sold this album it doesnt store Bo travelled to the next scrapping stoe  but it onlu had a few matching Bo Bunny (Timepiece ) pieces. I have embellished as far as I can go with what i could find and what i could make. But now Im on the lookout for further embellishments that will go with this album. I just love these photos. Mum was born in 1931 just prior to the big earthquake and so these photos are mid thirties. My poor nana had already lost one child to a epidemic and as well as these three eldest was yet to have or had as babies three more children..and before her eldest (muy Mum) was seventeen she would lose her husband.. It never fails to impress me the hardships and the way that she and her young family dealt with them back then.
Any ideas on other embellishments let me know. Other things Ive been doing are: knitted two "gumnut" hats, pulled out a unfinished quilt top of "school houses " to finish and watching several re runs of the Good life and wishing I  was Barbara Good!!  Its gotten very cold here. It is the greatest sinful pleasure to forgo any housework and curl up infront of the fire each night. 
We helped my elderly friends from their "paradise  on earth" farm , who were moving and came away with a few things they didnt want to take to their retirement house with them. I have got the most gorgeous of which is a cedar chest that I am sanding back and with redo. I cant wait for it to be finished and will post pictures next time.

Happy memories wherever you are tonight
love Cherry

Thursday, June 2, 2011

For my Mum

Who left this earth at 1.00pm 23 may 2011.
In the middle of all the grief and all the preparations I stayed up late that first night doing (who can sleep anyway), I set up some paper and a favourite photo to scrap. This was the end result. I used kaiser Chanteuse paper, homemade calico flowers and homemade stamped butterflies on transparency and some bought paper roses. This layout sat along with one other that i had done at a class awhile ago with Mum at the funeral home and on her coffin during the service. I have no hesitation in saying she has gone on to a better life but I do hope she popped in to see the layout. I made it with so much LOVE !
I dont feel like doing much of anything, but have gone back to work .  During the service we ran a photo slide show from Mums life. Right from baby to her last days. It was so beautiful but it SLAYED me. Totally along with the most beautiful music.

Wiahing you all love and happiness with your dearest