Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy times sewing..

Ihave been flat out sewing in my not-at-school times. I really wanted to get the quilt for Alex done but the accuracy seems not to have been the best..this is due to me cutting out with scissors as my two year old blade had really done its dash(!) and when I have come to piece the pinwheels I did some wrong as well, but plowed on regardless. I began to add sashings and had material half sewn, partly sewn and not sewn at all was seriously worrying me soooo last night I stayed up late and sewed as much of the quilt together as I could. Now at least I know where I am with the thing, but oh the accuracy.I have MADE the sashings line up as best I can in a method I call my "They WILL line up or Ill die trying!!!" It has sort of worked. Thats to say it wouldnt be noticed by a lay person but would never win a quilt show prize!! Alex has also been sewing up a storm.It is great to teach her but she is so impatient and loses her temper so it is a lesson fraught with high tension. She made a fish!!

And this is the mess Ive been trying to deal with while sewing. This morning I got stuck in and I am now ready to complete the second half of the qwuilt. This time I will more organised and less stresse. I think I know what I am doing now.
Alex loves useing the sewing machine..and of course wearing her fake whitches nails always helps the creative process!!
There is a storm brewing outside or as they formally say on the tv a ploar blast from the South! ANd we are down to the last of the forewood..Oop I do seem to remember GHIU nagging on at me sometime last week about the urgent need to buy some wood..Oops!!! I am really feeling the pain of not collecting pinecones over the summer months too, Ill have to resurrect this activity again!
Have a happy quilty day wherever you are
Love Chilly cheery Cherry

Monday, May 25, 2009

Brass monkeys here..

Really really cold. No one wants to get out of bed in the morning and I have taken to wearing a Potai (hat) to School. Hats dont do my chubby face any favours but at least I am warm. In my class at School we have been learning about matariki (the Maori new year).
I received my very first pay was four weeks in lieu so it was bigger than it will usually be I had to try very hard not to spend it ...I shouted tea, the girls new books to read, bought the groceries, and I still have enough for the riding lessons I have promised the girls.!! What a feeling paying for everything and not having to go near the account Ive used since I havent worked.
Of course the down side to working is that now I am not be going to be able to make all the school goings on with my own girls. last week Georgia went to a dance festival and it was the very first hing ever that I have missed of the girls. I always always help out and GHIU was away in the bush spying for a few days so he couldnt make it either. Oh well..welcome to the real world Cherry!!

Netball has at last began for Georgia she is in her very first team. Twyford School is in the middle of deep orchard country and so all the teams are named after apples. Her team is delicious! In her first match she told me I was embarressing her by yelling out to many instructions from the sideline!!

And to all you who are making for the crazy mom quiltalong, her is what almost 70 nine patch squares looks like...frankly Im over nine patches..
So that being so I went and got some bleached muslim and put together a few blocks for Alexs promised new quilt...just to see what white would look like... I think it works..I think?? These are three of the four colours Im am using, The fourth being a purple colourway. This quilt I may follow through using sashings, I wasnt going to add any after all but Im beginning to think that it need it now. After stowing this away for a while Im glad to be getting on with it.GHIU thinks white is a mistake in that it will get too dirty.

My house (The infernal mess) is requiring definate inspiration so I am off to look up some of those high octane housekeeping know the ones..betcha go there too!!
Love Cherry

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a bad blogger

What with MY work which I adore. Police killings (of course known toGHIU) and cold weather involving close quarters with the fireplace,I have not been blogging . I have been doing this wallhanging which I hope to have completed by my mid winter party (which I plan to have this year).I am stipplequilting around the tree and willsew somerusty bells on the tree. Then I found a really old magazine with log cabins forming a wreath and I know I have to do this as well...
Really it is quiet and cold and I havent anything too interesting or crafty to write upon. Have a happy quilty evening by the fire
Love Cherry

Monday, May 4, 2009

..Another project...

As if I didnt have five quilts to finish, an almost finshed log cabinChristmas tree wall hanging, a quilt to start for Alex, along comes this lady and her frenetic quilting journey with a quilt a long a day, in nine patch which I immediately fell in love with..So I began by using already cut up squares left over from repo quilt, with a plan to cut up left over repo material...and maybe buy some more..yoiu know..for point of difference reasons only.. Oh and I have ny actual someone is paying me to work job as well..
It has been so cold we have had the fire on and I spend the night in bliss in a hot electric blanket, then too hot, then hot again as I turn it off and on all ni9ght as the temperature dictates!
I LOVE my job. I love that I amwoking at a low decile school. I believe my children and those whoattend my girlsschoolare priviledged. Not so at a low decile school. My five and six year olds are just so gorgeous and soak up learning like a sponge. They are just so precious and I love that I get to help them out at this age.
But I am tired. Today Georgia was sick and GHIU was out patrolling with the police on a dual operation so I had to stay at home (Honestly ringing up the headmaster I felt as if I was wagging!!). I thought she was better tonight but alas she has been sick again. Oh well well see what tomorrow will bring. I have to go to bed earlier nowadyas..a woking woman and all that. I used to be able to drop the girls off at their school looking as if the north wiind had carried me there but now I have to apply.makeu. The girls friends dont recognise me and comment on how good I look..lord only knows what they thought beforehand..
Have a cherry chilly night,
Love Cherry