Monday, May 4, 2009

..Another project...

As if I didnt have five quilts to finish, an almost finshed log cabinChristmas tree wall hanging, a quilt to start for Alex, along comes this lady and her frenetic quilting journey with a quilt a long a day, in nine patch which I immediately fell in love with..So I began by using already cut up squares left over from repo quilt, with a plan to cut up left over repo material...and maybe buy some more..yoiu know..for point of difference reasons only.. Oh and I have ny actual someone is paying me to work job as well..
It has been so cold we have had the fire on and I spend the night in bliss in a hot electric blanket, then too hot, then hot again as I turn it off and on all ni9ght as the temperature dictates!
I LOVE my job. I love that I amwoking at a low decile school. I believe my children and those whoattend my girlsschoolare priviledged. Not so at a low decile school. My five and six year olds are just so gorgeous and soak up learning like a sponge. They are just so precious and I love that I get to help them out at this age.
But I am tired. Today Georgia was sick and GHIU was out patrolling with the police on a dual operation so I had to stay at home (Honestly ringing up the headmaster I felt as if I was wagging!!). I thought she was better tonight but alas she has been sick again. Oh well well see what tomorrow will bring. I have to go to bed earlier nowadyas..a woking woman and all that. I used to be able to drop the girls off at their school looking as if the north wiind had carried me there but now I have to apply.makeu. The girls friends dont recognise me and comment on how good I look..lord only knows what they thought beforehand..
Have a cherry chilly night,
Love Cherry


QuiltedSimple said...

Love your nine patches! I'm doing that quilt along too - although i'm not making mine scrappy! You've been busy...hope your daughter feels better

Leanne said...

Wacko! The 9 patch with the border is so awesome aye - I like it too.

So glad you like your job - the kids are lucky to have you there.

Love Leanne

Kristie said...

I sure hope she starts feeling better soon!

Love all of those nine patches!!!