Thursday, March 24, 2011


That title isnt great but its how I fel right now. I should explain that for the last month or so we have been looking at a possible two year tenure on the Chatham islands. we were all excited about it even the children (who would have swelled the school numbers to 38) and were promised skype to keep in touch with their friends. There is not a High School there so really the time is now to take up this opportunity. Anyway its all turned belly up and we are just a bit devastated. The liklihood of eing able to do in wo years time is really highBUT then Georgia will be due to start High School.  I could home school her, but whos to say that she will want to be going there. Anybody who knows me and my ideal of living in an isolated location living off the land will know just how appealing the Chathams was for me. It will take a while to get over ut im goping to have to trust in life the universe or the greater power that all things work out for the better.
Anyway...latest scrapping...
My pages are getting more lumpy bumpy and I will have to buy more ring file type albums. The flowers on this one I learnt to do off the MANY tutorials on youtube, and I love making all these embellishments I am finding on You tube. Its like a mini classroom!!! Off course we are whizzing through the gigbytes too fast and so i have had to put the brakes on!!
So as not to bore non scrapping friends I have included some pictures I took of the girls the other day in the park. The great ginga monster joined us as he often does and I took these pics for a double page layout I will be doing at my favourite hangout at the scrapbook shop on 1st April. Im hoping to put four photos over the two pages. Nothing special but just mygirls as they are today. Growing up , changing every minute and
 becoming wiser every day.
And tonight...da da!!! Our first fire. That wonderful dust burning smell of the first fire. The scary thought we havnet had the chimney cleaned in two seasons, Alex cosing up in one of my quilts, the cats looking very pleased with themselves ready to take over from Alexs position shortly. The fact that the door lock thing still isnt closing prooperly, we didnt get it fixed over summer and the heat therefore goes up the chimney. All these things reminisent of that first fire. And talking of cosy one of the lovliest things I read in blogland recently was on Rhondas down to earth site here about her bed and the making off it. My bed is alwaqys the exact opposite to her explanation but it has been inspiring and I really want o have abed exactly like hers..check out the cosy quilt and the peaceful ambiance..

 Another layout.....
 I may have already blogged about this..have I??? Im such a ditz. Im also in love with butterflies and I found out about making them with stamps and transparency the other day  its on YOutube (where else) and Ive lost the link now, but WOW it looks great. I cant wait to try it. I am however on a scrapbooking financial stop at t he moment and this would entail me to uy transparency, styzon ink and buterfliy stamps.

Ill say adieu now
happy scrapping...
Love Cherry the slightly melancholic scrapper.

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