Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Love Graphic 45

So first things first. Over at THIS blog Just love Scrappin, are having a huge giveaway.Click on the link to enter!!

Now onto other scrapping news. i went to the cropping night last night and came home with the plans to do this layout. With my gorgeous graphic 45 papers I completed it. I am deciding on a photo for this one. Im hoping someone will give me a copy of eaarly relations to put in it. I have a lovely one from before the first world war of my grandmother at a wedding but it would have to go landscape. i have put the mat on loosley but it doesnt look great that way up. The other thing is getting a copy of my Nanas wedding in 1930 with just her and her husband cropped. We'll see.
Anyway for reasons I wont go into here, I wasnt allowed to do this layout at the night and so flummexed I turned to our lovely tutor. I had nothing to go on no photos with me ut after I (and she) spent time drooling over these Alice in wonderland halloween papers she haad plenty of ideas for me to go with. And this is what i came away with (i put the photos in at home0. because I had a major doopy moment and cut up the wording on the pages i have left a lot of "white space" ut as a arty piece I think it actually works. I LOVE the paper. I love Graphic 45 ut their papers are so glorious i am stumped as to what to do with them!   Im so glad our tuor is Georgina. You should really visit her at hastings Ruber Stamps when she is in. She is a genius!!!
 Isnt it amazing how Autumn came so swiftly. One moment is unbleliveably hot the next the temperatures have droppped alrminglty. Hear hear i say!!!! It was a long summer.
Love Cherry


lexie said...

I love G45 papers too especially the Halloween in Wonderland

sadie said...

lovely pages.

ooh, you have autumn? My favourite season. I love the colder weather.

so many earthquakes and floods this year. I hope you and your family are all safe and well.

sadie x