Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A bit of thisandthat

My keyboard is playing upso Illkeepthis short... Swimming sports wasgreat fun Georgia swum really well...there were heaps of schools involved . Ive been busy making drawstring bags for the girls after seeing some needones at camp. I was quite pleased with these...got the pattern of Sew mama site.

This charity scrap quilt nowwill have a home..I visited my quilt shop yesterday and they are making quiltwsforther Victorian fire survivors. They gave me some freewadding to finish my quilt! There were somereal beauties out there. Im not that pleased with mine howeverI am hoping that it quiltuipbetter. I wish I had moretimeto make a better one but these babies have tobe sent off in a few weeks. They are also taking donations of blocks materials and time as wellas sewong notions tomake up packs for sewers who have lost everything. Iwould like to support this too. I was going to go out today and sit and sew in the shop with the other volunteers but I really have to get preserving some golden queen peaches for my pantry. Oh the quilton the table I am forthe first time in recorded history basing it. I have not enough safety pins and my quilt frame is ??? so it was out of necessity but now Im doing itand as long as it is taking I am enjoying the process.. This keyboard sucks!!!
BeforeIgo could "Harriet" please leave another comment. I tried tolook up youir site butcouldnt and itseems as if you must know us going by your comments reecntlt. I would really loveto know who you are!!
Happy sewing

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Ngaire said...

Great quilt, Cherry. I probably have some scraps from one I started a long time ago which you could have. I feel guilty that I have never finished it so I think I will drag it out and have a go at completing it. Just the hand quilting to do. Have done a few smaller ones since.
We will be visiting on the 18th April so would love to go watch Georgia. What time is the show?