Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back from Camp...

A brief over veiw...
Lots of Tubing (riding down the river rapids on tubes)

Happy tubers..

Lots of Gannets at Cape kidnappers..NZ largest gannet colony..and I did make it up the hill..these photos are the evidence. Can I just say that the Coloney STINKS...reallt stinks like no other bird coloney ever did. And when you have just climber this steep long hill to get there and stand at the top taking in long deep lungfuls of air to get your breathe back,,well..its not nice!!

Riding on the tractors ro get to the colony..theres something fun about riding on tractor trailors along the matter what your age!!

We did field work too, lots of river studies and scientic studies..
I so enjoyed being Camp Mum and its just reinstated my desire to become a teachers aide.
Im very tired and Georgia is too . No time for rest though. Georgia is in a musical at Easter and theres a five hour rehearsal this afternoon and tomorrow there is the interschool swimming sports for which she has been chosen for our Schools team..Onward, onward..
Happy camping


Kristie said...

How exciting! Looks like she had a wonderful time!

Ngaire said...

Looks and sounds like you both had alot of fun. Are you all going to be home on the 18th April as we may be in the area and would drop in for a visit and will bring those mags with me...very heavy to post.

craftycherry said...

Come on the 18th and Ill shout you some tickets to SInbad the Panto that Georgis in!@!! Love to see you again. I hope you can make itxxxx

QuiltedSimple said...

Looks like such a fun and exciting time!