Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ive fallen behind..

...Not just with my blog..but with everything. Im constantly amazed how other homes with children keep them so neat. I guess Im my own worse enemy. Im hardly Miss clean myself..although I love to be clean and organised but it is not naturally in my system to be so. So when the children right from a youing age and not being day cared used the house and its possessions as their play collatoral I didnt complain or say No. I thought they soon grow out of it or learn to play more with their vast collection of toys. Now they still do the same. I can leave my living room, forinstance and return a while later to find every ornament, photo frame, chair,rug etc etc now in new positions and joined with material and or threads from my ever constant sewing pile in their own private imaginary playground. And woe betide me for not loving this new arrangement or daring to dissassemble it. But on the weekends the house just turns into a big chaotic mess .. and can usually be found in the middle of it allclinging on to my sanity with needle and thread. So this is what I am leaving in my wake this week... firstly the next installment of the mystery quilt found here.

I was my first love when I started very basic patchwork and primitive applique a few years back now. I found though that my love is not as strong as it once was, so making eight of these hearts is a little tedious. But I did get to watch black sheep as I did these few. Such a funny film..a true BLACK comedy.. The there is my ever present repo quilt.And Im quite pleased with this..though again a little tedious as other projects bite away at my unconscious and keep me up at night. So I attacked this with the sewing machine, just whizzed thgrough. The ran out of the red setting block material..oops. Not sure if there will be any more in which case this quilt will not reach its 60" by 60" lapquilt proportions. (This is the USA term forlap quilt...quite a lot larger than the other so called lap quilts I have made..)
Oh this is a simple thing. My gorgeous girls picking me posies of end of season Dahlias. I havent had much of apresece in the garden this season. But these dahlias are gorgeous inside as a posy. My first garden of our first home in Te Kuiti was filled with roses and flowers..and they allended upinside in vases...Now the opposite is true..bless my girls for seeing th beauty in these and bringing them in.

My quilt I made for the victoria fire survivors is now in the care of this patchwork shop. I am returning next week to offer my yservices for more quilting help andreturned home with this quilt to bind.I dont know what the material was in the bindingbut there were many cries of pain as the blunt end of the needle ended upin my thumb!!

I got a fright when I realised that the singing competitions are only a week away. Georgia has gone very anti them (Good one pushy Mum..) and hardly even practises. I just pray she remebers her words. The one thing I dont want to happen out of this is for her to come away completely put off.
Its late now so I say good night...yah extra hour of sleep tonight..
Happy daylight saving
Love Cherry


Nicola said...

Love the quilts. Looking forward to the day that my leg will be recovered and I can back to some quilting.

clare's craftroom said...

Yes those quilts are so beautiful .

Lisa said...

Hi Cherie, Thanks for popping by my blog...always love to get visitors and feedback. I love your quilts...and the flowers :-) Would you pass on your user name for TM Id love to check out your wares. Take care...Lisa