Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Busy Easter

Our Easter has been so busy. Practises end on end for SInbad, worry and prepartion for the singing competitions, and what with it all disorganisation and meals on the run, but Good Friday proved to this biased Mama that her eldest daughter actually can sing... All this week we have rehearsals for Sinbad and I have decided in lieu of a certain cash crisis that i will put away the quilting and pick up the store of cotton yarn I have and knit some dishclothes. This is a waffle weave pattern from this website.

We are having a surprise tea for GHIU birthday tonight so I am desparately multi tasking doing this while cleaning up etc...I cant believe hes not up!
Have a happy sunny Autumn day
Love Cherry


QuiltedSimple said...

Happy Easter and Congrats on the signing awards!

Karen said...

I think anyone would be suspicious at my house if I were busy cleaning up! Not my favorite thing to do but a necessary evil.