Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another scrappy top finish

This time it is a small wall hanging from a magazine that I took a fancy to. Funny, this time last year I had no inkling to do smaller projects and wall hangings, yet this year I have and they are certainly a viable way to use up my scraps. Actually about those scraps...I began quilting just a few years back and I loved the country and primitive look, but being very thick when it came to materials I didnt iniatially look too hard at the fabrics i bought..if the design stated blue for instance then I would use a blue..any blue!! So it was a while before I realised this and now i have a stash of fabrics that arnt that countrified and that I arnt too fond of! And Im finding it a pain to try to find a pattern that I like and that they would go well in. But frugal as ever I will use them and I will not venture into Quilt shops until the stash is well down. After all I want to start afresh as it were, and when we leave I would like to have only a bit of material to have to take with me.
it is raining. Yes after the great dry and the oppressive heat the rains have come. And they came on the day of the School picnic at the river (well thats typical huh) its good to hear the rain and to lose the humidity. Its been so hot that our pool has been turning green every few days with amazing algae bloom!!!
The ghiu (Gorgeous hubby in uniform) is away at a Kapa Haka festival for four days. he says hes working..Im thinking its just four days of socialising with long lost relations and hangi feeds...When he rung me up to talk last night I think I was pretty true with that observation.! Hes away a lot at this time of year and I get used to being a bit of a solo mother. All the discipline in the house goes out the door with him too unfortunately. Yes I am the soft Mummy.
My pasta sauce is bubbling away, ready for preserving. Its the first time that Ive done this..I hope its a success!!! I grew basil in every nook and cranny this year just for this moment so it better be worth it. The thing about preserving something for the first time is the fear that it will all go off in the bottles.
Til next time


Cindy said...

What a cute wall hanging! Very primitive. I like it :)

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the wallhanging and the chicken pillow - great on getting some finishes in there. I'm glad your getting some rain - we are set to get 4-6 inches of snow tomorrow. UGH