Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have always said that if i couldnt quilt, then I would scrap. I LOVE photos, and I have millions and the thought of scrapping them all is overwhelming, plus I dont have brain to come up with the wonderful pages I see in the magazines, by myself. And Of course quilting is so demanding of my spare time, the needle literally thrusts itself into my hand when i sit down at night. But every now and then I get the overpowering urge to just set all cotton aside and scrap . And now is one of those times. I dont know how long this will last, could be a month..or a week..or tomorrow, but I have to follow. So I have been pooling my limited resources and yes(even in the recession eating pigeons) I have bought a few more resources. So here are some of the results of my actions. Thats Alex in the above photo and following the unwritten laws of scrapping I included a page of her photos where she wouldnt pose properly for her annual pretty pretty recital photo. And so I turned what I thought was an awful situation around to include her mood and the things she said while I tried in vain to capture my one "perfect" shot.
Then this one captured on the beaches of Waitangi (it is Waitangi day tomorrow by the way) was copied in part from a book and was a simple layout ripping photos and paper. It needs something else thought and it will be an ongoing project until I find that something.
I did capture this photo of Alex before she pulled a face and looked away...and I thought it was quite neat with the wee tutus and the pretty fluffiness and unusual angle of the shot. The background paper I found cheap in a scrapping store in hastings and thats when I decided to find a photo from my collection to go with it.

When we went on holiday to Mahia recently Alex kept on insisting she make us coffees. Apart from walking to the kitchen and pouring the boiling water into the pot, she did everything else herself. It was so enjoyable having coffee made for us instead of out usual : "I made it last time its your turn " banter that hubby and I indulge in on a regular basis. Was I scared shed scold herself..No.
(I spelt Barista wrong....I hope people realise I wasnt geting mixed up with a lawyer)
This was also making a page out of what would normally be not so happy photos. The girls werent having much of a smiley morning and so I used that to come up with this page. I love journalling as I so want future generations to know the story behind the picture and not just enjoy the art artynist itself.

I havent completely put aside my quilting. Despite everything I still have my scrappy windmills going along the side. I thought I could dispense with quilting while this scrapping urge took hold but it seems I can not. I have managed to do two more blocks in between scrapping!!


QuiltedSimple said...

I need to do some scrapbooking - I haven't done it in a while and the photos are backing up! You got lots of great pages done!

Lisa said...

Hi Cherry,thanks for popping by my blog.I love your scrapbooking pages.You are like me.I love to do all types of things...scrapbooking and cardmaking among them.We have that many photos its seems a bit daunting to start again!!Good on you for making a start.I love the ballerina page....very cute. Lisa