Thursday, January 8, 2009

The third and (last) stocking

Here it is. This stocking is to represent Denzie..our very fat black cat who has an enormous personality and despite her weight can jump two

stories up from our deck to the neighbours (faraway) shed with ease.(although we are sure she must leave a dent in the neighbours roof).. I REALLY hope that one day soon I wont be able to comment on neighbouring sheds because theyll be faraway over several paddocks..sigh..

This is definitely the last stocking..Ive had enough. Although I could probably still so a Christmas wall hanging..the Christmas creative urge is just clinging in there still, but stockings _I'm so over!!

It was an absolute oven outside today. And then on the news all they could harp on about was how hot Christchurch was-in the 40s apparently while we in sunny Hawkes Bay clocked up a measly 28 degrees..everybody here was in shock. Now I don't want to offend any one in Christchurch but it was so hot here that it was easily the hottest or equal to the hottest day so far. Infact we went o town briefly and went to Ruse Munroes for an icecream and it melted during the handover phase!! I swear its true!! Now its 11 at night and its still sweltering. Oh and if you are wondering it was easily in the thirties today -easily!!

Ive got a great book from the library today on living off the grid and Im enjoying reading through it. Some guy in England travelled the country talking to off griders. Some are just hippies with no sort of lifestyle Id want and some are people who live the life I want. Anyway its interesting and in places inspiring. I also got a book on raising chickens. Also eagerly looking forward to reading this. I will probably read it while awake tonight until it cools down (if it cools down!!)

have a (cool) evening

Love Cherry


QuiltedSimple said...

Very cute stocking. I have a Christmas wool table runner that I am trying to finish - but I don't see it happening. Hope it cools down a little for you soon! As for Jessie's math - they haven't even learned times tables yet. This is all part of basic subtraction learning!?!?!??!

Kristie said...

Very nice! I love it! You have done a wonderful job on all of these stocking!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Wow.......I CAN NOT believe I found another Cherry! Do you pronounce it like I the fruit? Love your stockings ...found you from over at V & co. cherry