Monday, January 5, 2009

MY very first finish for the year!!

Following on from my Christmas mood and creative Christmas urges and inspired by other crafty bloggers I have finished my first stash thing..this Christmas stocking inspired by Cheri Staffiote.

I used every last thing from my (immense) stash and I plan to make another two cat inspired ones for our cat community here in this home. I do have to buy some viselofix but other than that it will be stash all the way ..yah!!

Gorgeuos hubby and I are tired. We stayed up to watch Sweeney todd..Very bloody and unexpectedly tragic story. Also got a shock when I relised that Georgia sings one of these songs (not to worry) as part of her singing reportoire. We let her watch that particular singing part but shielded her from the rest (Youll know why if you ever see it!!)

I discovered this blog and have enjoyed a good read. I love the fact that she lives in the house on the farm that her grandfather built. I grew up on my Grandfathers farm and loved it. That land is spiritual to me. Then in 1987 our family tragically lost it in unforseen horrible circumstances. When I pass that farm now I feel a profound feeling of loss and nostalgia and feel quite sick that other people are there. Since my Dad passed in 2005 the feeling for that land has intensified. SO while reading the passion and the heart that this blog writer has for her farm I do feel very empathetic . I hope though that our new land when we get there will elecit the same sort of blog from me, that of more self sufficiency and good homesteading.

Its such a hot day today, no where but the pool is agreeable...then the weather review gives some modest temperature that is no where near the truth. Id say it was easily in the thirties today.

Happy sewing


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QuiltedSimple said...

What a great post - I love the stocking and can so relate to living on land like that. Have a great day - stay cool!