Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lazy summer days..

Ive finished one of my two patchwork trees for next years Christmas (i do this chrissy crafting every xmas!!) This photo isnt very good but you get the idea! I also added little christmas buttons to complete the look. The next tree I am doing is the same in that it has triangles but they are held together by a bit of stitching and bells leaving a gap between each triangle..well Ill post when finished. Ive found a lovely quilt over on Cowgirl quilters site.
(she has many glorious quilts I want : ) ) But this is a windmill pattern and will be gorgeous done with my 2009 scrap quilt challenge I have raved on about for a while now. I just need to find some measurements on the web. (Im hopeless at figuring these things out for myself i have discalculia!)
I have bought a whole lot of reproduction prints from a trader on Trade me and I am excited by this find as I may almost have enough for the nine patch quilt I will be making with this year.
Days are soooooooo hot. Just boiling. Hubby and kids spend time in the pool but I always seem to have other things Iwant to do more urgently. I should give up the rush and just enjoy the water I guess.
Alex has lost her third tooth. The new one is already through. She has inherited a genetic disorder which causes her enamel to come off..we are so keen to see if her new teeth have this as it may be just on her babies..Georgias teeth came out from age four regularly and easily..Alexs are so slow to come out..Plus some of her babies didnt come through for instance the canine teeth came through where the next front teeth should be. So when she announces she has a wriggly tooth I get very excited!! Maybe this is why the tooth fairy gave her $4.00 this time (well it was Christmas)

And this is going to the beach recently the girls love it when the top of the jeep comes off. Georgia was grumpy about something in this photo..she soon cheered up when we hit the beach.

We all spent New Years eve at our friends 20 acre block in the country. They are from Yorkshire originally and by their own admisssion are very supersitious. SO their tree doesnt come down til the 12th day etc. (I like this one!). But the one Id never heard was that after the old year had passed a dark haired man has to be the first person over the threshold to their house! We all left the house. celebrated the new year outside and then gorgeous hubby (who was the only dark haired man) opened the door and walked in, thereby leaving the path open for the rest of us to saftely follow!
I hope you are all looking foward to the new year as much as I.
Love Cherry