Sunday, January 25, 2009

Heard from my babes mouths..

Georgia has her friend mary over and her, mary and Alex are happily (mostly) swimming around and dive bombing the pool. I was sitting by the pool sewing (naturally) when I got the giggles listening to the conversation ensue:
G: Lets pretend we are sisters.
Alex: I want o be the baby Waaaa!!
Mary: I want to be the older sister.
G: No I want to be the older saister!
A: Waaaa!
G: So Im the oldest sister. Right?
Pregnant pause
A" Waaaaaaa
M: Okay lets be twins.

G: Yes..but Ill be the older twin
M: Awww Cant I be the oldest twin
A: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa
G: Ummmm Okay
M: Yah thanks Georgia SO Im the oldest twin?
G: Yeah..but I be the twin that acts the oldest.

Honestly when you take the time to slow down and listen to your children it does surely bring a grin to the face.
In our group of friends we are all wishing we were younger than we are. I wonder when this happened!

Here is a fantastic blog that embraces simple living off the grid and living co operatively with the Amish. I am hooked. Due to dial up connection here, it takes forever to see all the posts so I have only scratched the surface of this blog. I was so impressed with the Amish way of ALWAYS helping their friends, even when visiting and NEVER leaving their friends out on a limb, practically and financially. If you love simple living or need inspiration to contuinue simple living in this crazy fast world we live, grab and coffeee and read. Naturally I got this site from Rhonda at down to earth. I read everything she recommends!!
Simple living everyone
Love Cherry

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