Saturday, April 26, 2008


Every year since Georgia was five she has taken part in a musical stage performance with various companies. This year was a superb rendition of Rumplestiltskin in which Georgia played a spider, villager, courtier and agnome! A lot of back stage wardrobe changes. I was doing wardrobe this time. I love the theatre asnd love that my two girls are so into it. Alexandra takes part as the backstage help and will be in a production where she can show off her dancing flair.
As I watch all the teenagers takingpart in this show and seeing all their talent and committment and sucess I realise what good role models they are for my children in so far as teenage behaviour is modelled. Here are some poctures from the show:(seven shows two full houses and the rest nearly full!)

Also I have been going through an apron making stage. Ive made two frothy frilly jobs, this is the one that I will be collecting my future chooks eggs in...

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