Sunday, October 12, 2008

My garden

I have upped my chances of buying the wee cottage with the half acre by about another 1%. At least we are talking about it before (as oppossed to me shouting , crying and having a major tantrum about hubby not agreeing with my glowing account)

Now today was a gorgeous day. SOOO beautiful. I was the first person at the garden centre today and the frogs were croaking at each other in the man made ponds set up there. It was so delightful I was there for ages just looking for them and when I found them they bounded off or looked at me all froggy and innocent(Except fof the two mating they just looked embarressed and caught out!)

As I wrote in my last post I had fun planting my problem lavender area. Every year I plant new lavenders and every first planting they look gorgeous but by the end of winter they are woody/dead/skanky looking. I thought how delightful it would be to have lavender beneath my window but after trying different variesties I have given up and we (hopefully) farewell this property I want to leave the next owner with a quaint herb, flower and strawberry area.
The photos above are form my romp around the back garden today. Hubby sprayed and weeded and hosed and scrubbed the pool cover (yuck look at that water!) and so the garden is looking nice and positive and ready for new action!
The photos are of my giant box plant that grows in large wine barrel my brother gave me one Christmas. I was going to topiary it but it looks so magnificant four years later and I am such a obssessive pruner that I woul dbe bound to ruin it. It is so heavy that I think the next owner will likely inherit it.
After that is the joy of home made compost. I LOVE walnut trees having them permanantly in my growing up memories in the place where my heart still is (Fernhill) and these wee trees sprung up from our compost. These will definately being coming with me. There are about six of them. We also get tomatoes, pumkins and potatoes springing up all over the place from our compost. Quite often we will find half a pen, a macdonalds toy and other bits from tiys that bring back memories of the children growing up!
Its KFC tonight. As I spent the day doing other things my anticipated clean up house day on first day back of School didnt happen. So I plan to do it tonight. Also its my birthday treat. And we havent had it for ages. You have to pamper yourself sometimes. Funny how the justifications just fly out when needed. But I shouldnt. Money. Consumerism. Hughs chicken wars. Nuft said.
Before i Go I just want tp point out two very great frugal blogs I just discovered. This one is a follow on of Rhondas excellant blog and This is one of the contributers personal blogs. Very very good reading for the frugal amongst us and inspiring.
Have a great spring day
Chirpy Cherry

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