Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Im sew on a roll

My new sewing machine is humming. Im having so much fun with sewing basically on it. So far I have conquered the straight stitch, the zig zag and I have figured how to sew a quarter inch seam..

The pics show my second attempt at the peasant top. The girls are a bit ho hum on the pattern and I think I will have to try sewing a lovely silky bit of fabric that a friend gave me to get the loose and billowy look I and they want. On this one I gathered up the bottom slighty with elastic to give it some form, but I need to tweak this pattern further I think.
Its the recession now and so I am beginning my first scrap quilt instead of waiting til 2009. I have pulled together some scrappy bits and am joining 4" squares and i am going to make a dissappearing nine patch quilt which i had heard of but never seen until I found it here
Im tryinfg to make a girly versoin with flowery and more pink colourings, but I will stay try to my scrap ethos and only pull out what is in the stash. (unless I run out of lights in which case I may have to make a slight exception maybe a couple of light homespuns)
Im off to the Hawkes Bay A and P show with the kids tomorrow. I enjoy the crafts and the girls love the fairground.!
Have a great warm day in paradise
Luv Cherry

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