Monday, October 13, 2008

Oops I did it again..

Dang..just when I make these promises to myself

to not spend.. I saw this gorgeous quilted panel all ready for sale in our local Christmas shop that opens earlier every year..and it was 98$, I thought wow love the design if only I could find that panel..So on my daily sneak at Trade Me (Meant to be looking at lawnmowers there..) I found it, and of course it was pay by credit card (because its easier, faster etc, etc...) Now justifying this is quite easy. As I have several quilts to quilt and one Christmas tree skirt to finish (Actually progress is racing ahead on that Im on to the embroidary already!) you wouldnt think that justification was easy coming HOWEVER Alex has her ballet rehearsals and recitals and Im always on the front door at my little desk signing hundreds of parents and children in and out (fire rules) but inbetween that I have nothing to do and so taking this along and gently it will use up that time I just hope I have finished by the big day! Also spare time at swimming practise and piano practise and so forth and its not so big as to be cumbersome to drag around like a big quilt is. To justify the outgoings Im going to use a plain calico and try to sew together my remainding bits of lowloft wadding rather than buy some. (Makes me feel all better and frugal again!!). Obviously though I am feeling terribly guilty as I have felt the need to blog about it. Sometimes blogs do become something of a confessional dont they?!

hAve a lovely day in the sun and the wind


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QuiltedSimple said...

Oh I love the Santas. You can always justify a Christmas decoration - especially one this cute!