Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Check out my new shirt for the girls..

Another great tutorial that i found just when i thought my sewing mojo had gone, I found this tutorial for a sweet peasnat blouse. This one I whipped up in next to no time and as always with first tries it is as rough as they come, but Alex was persuaded to wear it for a blog photo!

I have quite a stash of cotton material bought in Autumn for a dollar a metre and so I will have some peasant tops from them. I had to tweak the pattern but its VERY easy. (i only chose easy tutes) The website that this tute came from has some great tutes for childrens things. I recommend that you go there. For my next tops I think i will make them longer and add elastic around the bottom to gently gather it. Or I might make it really long and add casing three quarters of the way down and have a ruffled bottom. The problem with my sewing is the kids are sometimes reluctant to wear these clothes because they are "scratchy". Oh well.

Tonight I was watching Jamie Olivers Ministry of food. My cooking ability is average and my keeness to cook is very come and go. I can adore cooking and baking for weeks on end and then struggle to do so thereafter.. BUT this programme really inspired me and I stopped flicking between it and Lipstick Jungle and committed myself to Jamie. AND im not that keen on cooking programmes per say. Hes bought out a great website to go with these episodes and the recipes are written people who cant cook in mind (Really- there were people on there who didnt know what boiling water looked like!!!) Most people have never learnt to cook from their mothers and have lived onn takewawy food. Sad:( Especially as they were passing this on their kids. Im not one to brag but my children are both adept cooks, preservers and jam makers and as soon as they were old enough to hold up there bodies they have been sitting up on the kitchen bench with me cooking. (and licking the bowl afterwards!) Anyway find his website here

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Leanne said...

We watched Jamie & I was gob smacked.
Basic cooking is a lost art.

The folks really need budgeting skills so they can afford to buy the food to cook.

I hope he pulls it off.

And Yea for your scrap quilt.

Love Leanne