Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Making progress.

Im not sure if you can see so well in my photo but the strawberries I planted last year and the runners they threw off are all holding lots of little berries. Im not sure if I will cover them or not but last year the birds pretty much left them alone. Probably due to the fact that the cats sleep around this area in the summer!!

I have my Primitive pumpkin and cat up on the door. My girls think this is crazy as "its not Halloween yet". After all the efforts put into making this I think it should be up longer than one night!

Here is the progress made during the last few nights. Really want to finish this as I have not one but two panels to quilt noe. With my NEW sewing machine!!! A wonderful friend and fellow quilter and crafter extroidainaire gave me a deposit for a new sewing machine that I had raved about!!! SO this morning I went and put some more money on it and the lady let me bring it home. It is a special Janome that was bought out at a special price for Breast cancer awareness. And it QUILTS !!! I am so excited that I can hardly bare to put it aside while I read the instructions. Also Im scared something will happen to it while its still not paid off. I really wasnt expecting to leave the shop with it. Then I passed a small quilt shop while in Napier that i do frequent when in Napier and I bought some grey for my repro pyramids quillt, some edging for my trade me panel. Also saw the panel in that shop for four dollars cheaper........ and then I spied for 6.oo a smaller panel(fat quarter size) similar to my big panel, that i will make into a Christmas decoration as well. My new machine will be buzzing.! Also they have old magazines marked down to 2.00 each and althogh my favourite American ones werent in the pile I did come home with two.. So it was quite a morning. Ill post pics in my next post.

Have a lovely windy and slightly wild day with a warm temperature besides.
Cheers Cherry

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QuiltedSimple said...

Love your Halloween cat - how great! Your pictures are so neat. Have a great day!