Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shes got the key to the day never been 42 before...

This morning I turned 42. It seems such a big number...Also yesterday got the news I have arthritis in my lumber disc and my disc has disintegrated. This made me feel AWFUL as the constant hip and leg pain I have had and have procrastinated about for the last 10 months I always thought could be fixed. But I give up not. I am starting a new course of Omega threes and glucosamine. But the word Arthritis just sounds so, so ...NAna!! Gorgeous hubby bought me a gorgeous watch because I never have one and this one actually looks good on, It makes my wrist look...elegant.(well I think so anyway!)

I spent the day at the Public Trust, resorting our Trust and making WIlls (What a way to spend your birthday!) and then i went to the garden centre to buy some

strawberries..couldnt find ANY!! So I bought some basil and some flowers and some parsley for a problem area I have outside my bedroom window. I took the only remianinf strawberry plant that was sad and dry in a neglected pot. The giant Box plant sucks all other plants dry and placed in my new part. I added compost and slug bait and water and the idea is to have this all big and with stawberries poking out come Christmas. If were still here. . Im going to have to add a nother post as the photos to go with this post have disappeared into blogland.

Before I go dont you love handmade cards from your babies?

have a great day



Leanne said...

Many happy returns!!!

Enjoy your KFC!

Love Leanne

QuiltedSimple said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it was a good one!