Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cottage love

We went to see the Cottage with the half an acre of land attached...I LOVED it! I so wanted it. It was built in 1900 and shifted fourteen years ago so rewired, repainted, replaced, replumbed re piled etc. It was small bu the room was there for expansion and certainly with the market down when it comes up in a few years there will be definate room for price extension (its being sold under the rate

able value right now) BUT Hubby DIDNT. LIKE.IT. :(

I have half a percent chance out of 100% of changing his mind....He believes the market being what it is we can afford something bigger better etc. But honestly I just fell in love with it. I could see us all living there . I didnt even have to try to like it.Infact I was ready to be disappointed that I didnt like it because the price was so good. So I guess Watch this space. Thats my girls on the front verandah. Oh theres a book around called Historic NZ cottages and its in there too.. If yoiu happen to see the book.

On to brighter things..I am making progress with the skirt. Its very hard on my unthimbled fingers and somethimes I just cant go on trying to blanket stitch around the stitches. However it has me in its grip now. ALTHOUGH last night ..very late..I almost got into my small box of repro prints to cut out some triangle just to see what they would look like. (Im going to do a thousand pyramids quilt with alternate repro red and blue fabrics and grey) Glad I didnt because that would have completely gotten me off track with the Christmas tree skirt..

I also have been investigating pattern (FREE!!) on the net of scrap quilt for my scrap quilt 2009 year (This being the year in this recession we also start to eat pigeons, pooums and rabbits..)

and I found a great site here. There are also crumb quilts made up of all those little bits and bobs left over. And also on this fabulous site there are ideas for charity quilts. I love this idea and have thought of this before I read about it and want to know from any KIwis anywhere..are there any organisations that act as a middle ground for people wanting to donate quilts. I thought I could start by approaching the WOmans refuge to see if I could donate some quilts for families in need.

Ill be interested to hear your thoughts.

Have a great Spring day. its warm and calm here, not like the usual windy in October Hawkes bay day.


Lib said...

I REALLY ENJOYED my visit here.
Hope you're having a great wk.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm sorry your husband didn't like the cottage but maybe you can convince him. :) I love the quilt top you have laying out. I haven't read back far enough to be sure what you're doing but it looks like fun. blessings, marlene

Leanne said...

We live in a 1900 villa - the high ceilings make the home cold in winter. No storage. Does that help you being ok with not buying the cottage you saw?

I agree with your DH I would be waiting if buying - keep looking & when you see something offer 20% less than what they are asking - be cheeky! It is buyers market & I think prices will fall. (good job too I think they have been too high)

I think you might get more land for your buck too! - Good time to be buying!

I love the idea of charity quilts too - but first I want to make quilts for different seasons of our beds. Not enough hours in the day to do all I want to do.

Love Leanne

QuiltedSimple said...

The front porch is darling - I'd work on trying to change his mind! Hope you get it!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

that would be a super thing to do donating quilts, they would be greatly appreciated. Also how about donating quilts to a hospice, or a childrens ward in a hostpital?

I hope you can change your dh's mind.........

Great blog.

Gill in Canada

Karen said...

Love the tree skirt. The house are so cute.