Sunday, October 5, 2008

Im determined to finish you....

So now Im determined to finish this Christmas tree skirt. I have often raved and gone slightly mad thinking about this skirt. The first reason is that when I started this pattern a year ago I quite liked it. (Actually really adored it) Now Im just warm on it..Also I am finding the instructions quite hard to follow and so have had to design my own way(Not a good idea for me with dycalculia-which is dyslexic at maths!) Plus there is a lot of applique. Now when I first started on this quilting adventure two years ago I could have (And did!) sew applique for hours and hours happily and totally devoted. NOW Im OVER it! The thing is when I fell in love with this pattern I made all the little scallops for around the edges last Christmas and it would do my crafting heart no good to forsake all that work.
So the above pics are the scallops and the pattern from the Homespun magazine from which all this madness started. Homespun is no longer my favourite magazine (american patchwork and quilting now has my heart) but when I did buy issues in the past There have been many readers who have made this skirt and sent in their photos thus making me mre determined to finish mine.
Im going to Spotlight (face being made here) to buy some visielofix and embroidary thread, and hopefully tonight I will be wholeheartedly appilqueing. (sorry about the spelling mistakes)
Its a warm though dreary day today, light rain falling, so a visit to the library in town is imminent. I have also promised the girls a visit to the bakery, they are actually doing chores right now (Real chores, with no nagging from me....) I hope it lasts...My biggest problem is that I do everything myself rather than go on and on so to see them in chore mode is amazing.Bless them!
Have a great day quilting in whichever part of the world you are.
Love Cherry

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Kristie said...

Wow! That is going to be beautiful! I love what you have already done! I always start with a flurry and end in a fluster! :) And my attention span is very short, I guess that is why I have so many UFO's! I have really had to MAKE myself stay working on these Civil War quilts! Good luck getting it finished, it will be beautiful.