Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Show..

The Hawkes Bay A and P Show was a complete waste of time and money and I was about five minutes into the grounds when I remembered Why I didnt go last year. Imagine if you will us all, in the middle of a recession spending 35 dollars on enough tickets to give the girls four(four) rides. Then there was one hour wandering the grounds trying to take the girls mind off the fact that theyd had four rides, by visiting the petting zoo, the hot dog stands and the grandstand, before giving into the fact that they werent going to give up until more rides were at the ready. So another 35dollars later. Oh I forgot it was 23 dollars for us all to get in... Other parents looked similarly cash strapped and broken by the financial demands of the place. I consolled myself by thinking a nice walk through the craft exhibits would bring me solace. But there was one (one!) quilt actually a christmas wall hanging , and a few scrapbook pages. It was stunningly inept.
I have told the children that next labour weekend we are going camping (And. I. Mean. It)
So the real object of this little speil is to point out this timely, inspirational and much needed post by the frugal Coop here I am going to read it again and travel here frequently. I feel so dispondant about todays utter waste of money and I felt like it at the time the cash was leaving in a southerly direction. At least (I suppose struggling to find things I did right) we didnt come home with senseless Spongebob balloons, large cheaply made stuffed animals or cheap Chinese made toys from the bargin stalls cluttering up the place.
Tomorrow I am going to the Quilt Fair at the Riverview Quilters shop. There is a quilt display BUT there is also 50 % off many fabrics. Now I wanted to indulge just a bit but due to today I feel I cant. Because what I havent mentioned is that i have pre Christmas laybys coming out of my ears..Perhaps I shouldnt go at all??
have a lovely cash strapped day in Paradise
Love Cherie

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QuiltedSimple said...

Oh how depressing! But you'll have fun at the Quilt shop - never fear.