Saturday, November 1, 2008

Im back from ballet chaos..

Its been a very busy few days and very late nights working behind the scenes of Alexandras ballet recital. This year I spent the time looking after Alexs pre primary grade class and the pre school class (which are two three and four year olds) It was a mission there were thirty children to prepare and get on a stage successfully. After some very terse days of this I swore Id never do it again (tho of course I will as I always volunteer for all my kids activities!) but next year Alex goes up a grade to Primary grade ballet and their will be only be seven or eight in her group. Plus they will be six and seven and I wont be faced with hysterical three year olds refusing to take off their tights etc! Alex is proving she is older now refusing to pose properly for photos , turning to face the wall etc while all her friends faced up to the camera (i got lovely shots of them!!) We were also at the theatre til very late because i volunteered to do door duty in the evening run thru of the show and had to wait til the seniors were finished. Lucky for me I have night owls for children.!
I arrived back exhausted and after a bit of a sleep in I realised that i had finished my top for the tree skirt and now could begin to piece it all together (backing scallops etc.) Very exciting until I realised that I have to add more backing onto the cut out peice as I must have underestimated the measurements, and right now I just cant be bothered. I did however finish the Christmas panel that i bought to do during recital practises before the recital practises began!! Typical.
I am going to be starting to decorate the house any dy now for Chritmas as I find the month goes so quickly that I need two months to fully appreciate the seasons decs!

Have a happy early November day
love Cherry

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