Monday, November 24, 2008

Those simple things again..

Im trying not to get caught up in the Christmas pressie rush thing, but everywhere you look the heat is on. Not that I dislike Christmas infact I love it but the stress is so unneeded.
Yesterday i lost a lot of time watching Georgia and her cat, Sarah play..A simple thing that made me giggle. Sarah the terror of the local pigeons and one of the best hunters we know can still spend a lot of time playing whats under the duvet..

At this crazy time of year its been really good to set the sewing machine aside and do some gentle handsewing. I am still quietly and in my own time piecing together these flyboy pieces. I am also making a Christmas tree from scraps that will hang as a small wallhanging, from scraps of Christmas fabric. Unfortunately I dont have enough green Christmas off cuts to use so I will wait til the just before Christmas sales and buy the Christmas material then.

My Christmas presents are coming along. I made about nine or ten tissue cases, three pot holders made from teatowells and then I found three Christmas aprons Id made following the sales last year tucked away that Id completely forgotten about!! In amongst the slight panic of the layby I have yet to pay off and the big car bill that is waiting Im sure when our car gets back from the Auto electrician, it was a pleasant surprise. (again just a simple thing!)

We dont have a vege garden here, so we plant bits and bobs through out the garden. Our peas are loving the weather obviously and have taken off. Gorgeous hubby said that the peas he planted directly are doing better than the seedlings. Well let me tell you they have certainly had the hot weather. It has been hot and humid and very very windy. But no matter how the wind blows the heat stays. We are all looking bleary eyed from humid nights trying to sleep in the heat.
I try and do a couple of miles walk with my dog each day and yesterday I was so hot and so dry that I felt sick after drinking and then slept for three hours!!!! Gorgeous hubby said I must have been dehydrated. Im going to carry a water bottle today tho I hate to carry stuff. Otherwise I quite enjoy my walks with my I pod blasting something exciting in my ears.
Im off now to walk,
Happy exercising

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