Saturday, November 8, 2008

Its called Flyboy...

Georgia took to handsewing a orphaned piece of patchwork into a skirt. She is so proud of it!
The election was last night. All we heard from the (unbiased??) panel of commentators on tv1 and tv3 was that labour would show its strength in the later stages when the Auckland electorates came in..well whatdoya know practically a landslide to national..Yah!! Finally after nine long years..
Hope I havent offended anyone here but we should be please we live a democratic society that allows us all to vote. Doesnt take much to see hoe some other countries operate. Imagine if we were there?

This piece is from one of the books I picked up at the fair with templates. There are four templates which do a myriad of blocks. I am making a quilt from my scraps with this pattern. Its called flyboy and used 16 dark and 16 light squares, so obviously it will be for the scraps that are decent in size! I really like it and having seen a picture of a scrap quilt done in different colours of flyboys it looks spectactualr, but I am the teeniest bit disturbed that it looks like a swastika..
Have a happy day quilting


QuiltedSimple said...

Love the skirt - she is going to be just as talented as you. What a great idea (and what a great way to foster using up things) in a child.

QuiltedSimple said...

PS - I didn't see the swastika in your block - but I love the color combo you are using!